| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Gulf countries are flabbergasted by the non-specialist’s government

In light of internal speculations about the Gulf countries’ stance from Najib Mikati’s new government, an atmosphere of confusion prevailed in Lebanon whether Gulf countries wanted to cooperate with the Mikati government, or whether the situation will remain the same, especially since the atmosphere that accompanied the formation process and the birth of the government after a long delay, it was revealed that there was a hidden pole that gave the green light, so the government saw the light.

A source familiar with the atmosphere of the Gulf states regarding the new government indicated that the Gulf was mostly surprised by the path of composition that accompanied the formation process, especially the way in which the government was born.

The source conveyed through Sawt Beirut International (SBI) the Gulf country’s dissatisfaction with the quality of the government and its ministers, who in the vast majority belong to the ruling class that led Lebanon to the current severe crisis and damaged the Lebanese-Gulf relations. They were also surprised by the ministers that are not specialists as stipulated in the French initiative, hoping that the government will not fail due to the differences and conflicts between the ruling people, because the Lebanese cannot tolerate further deterioration.

Regarding possible Gulf aid, which Mikati is betting on, the source stressed that until now, the position of the Gulf countries regarding the aid remains the same, as there is no Gulf aid as long as Hezbollah controls the government and the state’s joints in Lebanon.

The source pointed out that the Gulf states hope that the stifling economic crisis will reach an end, and that the country will be freed from Hezbollah’s hegemony, which plunged Lebanon into regional conflicts and exhausted its economy.

The source added that the Gulf countries collectively are still dissatisfied with the war waged by Hezbollah through drug smuggling to Saudi Arabia, considering it a war waged by the party against the Gulf countries that stand against Iran’s expansionist project, which destabilizes the countries of the Middle East.

The source revealed that the Gulf states, as well as the international and European community, are waiting for the reforms required by the new government that will free Lebanon from corruption, revive its economy and return it to what it was before, because the Lebanese people deserve to live in dignity.

  • Sawt Beirut International