| 23 October 2021, Saturday |

Has President Aoun approved Wafic Safa’s request?

Even during the Syrian guardianship over Lebanon, Wafiq Safa did not sit at the Central Security Council’s table at the Ministry of Interior. He did it during Minister Nouhad Al-Mashnouk’s term in the Ministry of Interior. In April of 2014, the Lebanese were stunned when they saw Wafiq Safa participating in the Central Security Council meeting, Minister of Interior Nouhad Al-MashnouK, THEN, justified this participation, for “facilitating” finding a solution to the town of Tufail on the border with Syrian Arab Republic.
It was then, and in order to preserve what was left of the state’s prestige, it was possible to contact Hezbollah to help find a solution for the town of Tufail, as it controls the Syrian part of it, but to have it seated at the table of the Central Security Council, that was a clear evidence of its tendency, to be an open and official partner in the security decision, and the then Minister of Interior, Nouhad Al-Machnouk, had no objection.
Even during the time of Syrian guardianship, no Hezbollah official entered the Palace of Justice, but Wafiq Safa did it during the term of a justice minister, affiliated with the President of the Republic, so why did the party not “send” a member of its parliamentary bloc to Justice? Why it intended to send a message of threat, which it did not deny , through Safa ? In this case, who is the target of this message?
And it was a “third time a charm” when the President of the Republic’s accepted Wafiq Safa’s request:
Amer Fakhoury’s family detonated a scandalous bomb by revealing the circumstances of Fakhoury’s arrest after his arrival in Lebanon from America.
Fakhoy’s daughter, Zoya, told the Emirati newspaper, The National on the 6th of this month: “After the arrest of September 12, 2019, President Michel Aoun told them that the decision was a decision by Hezbollah, adding that Wafiq Safa, the head of Hezbollah’s security apparatus, wanted Amer Fakhoury in prison.”
Does this mean that the head of the state responds to Wafiq Safa’s demands?
And if the family of Amer Fakhoury had dared to reveal this information, which no one denied, does this not mean that there are many requests from Wafiq Safa that have been answered?
Even during President Elias Herawi and after him, Emile Lahoud’s eras, we did not hear news that either of them, had responded to a request from Wafiq Safa
President Michel Aoun’s era, outperformed the aforementioned two covenants.