| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Hassan Nasrallah abuses Lebanese State amid eerie silence

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has threatened the Lebanese State once again, saying he will bring fuel from Tehran to the Port of Beirut, warning anyone who would dare to say no.

Nasrallah has proven and is always proving on every occasion that he occupies the State and takes the Lebanese people as hostages to the whim of Tehran’s “wali” who has turned Lebanon into a breeding ground for the mullahs.

It seems like Nasrallah has forgotten that Iran is under U.S. sanctions and that it is in dire need of petrol, and it looks like he has not seen queues of vehicles lined up near gas stations in Iran.

Nasrallah’s threats no longer frighten us and the Lebanese people actually dare to say no as they are fed up with the actions of Nasrallah’s party and its attempts to intimidate the people who have gone hungry.

No, we will not stand in queues to obey Iran and we will not bow to Hezbollah’s weapons.

As Nasrallah launches threats, an eerie silence prevails over the Baabda Palace amid a total obedience to everything said by the mullahs’ agent in Lebanon.

Where does the President of the Republic stand in light of Nasrallah’s statements and threats? Isn’t he the head of the State and the one directly concerned with such threats? Isn’t it a priority for reform and change – which President Aoun had promised – to fight anyone who would dare to undermine the State and the people?

Why doesn’t Aoun practice his powers that he keeps on demonstrating every day in the cabinet formation file? Does he only remember his lost powers when sharing the spoils and then allow Nasrallah to compromise the powers of a whole country?

The silence in Baabda implies the consent to Nasrallah’s statements and that the presidency has surrendered to Iran. It also means that the presidency has become totally absent amidst all economic and financial crises and hardships in Lebanon.

Nasrallah’s statements have confirmed yet again that the country has a State and a state-within-a-state with a slight difference between the two: the latter is the Lebanese Republic while the first is Hezbollah which controls the presidential post.

  • Sawt Beirut International