| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Have the game’s rules changed in dealing with Hezbollah?

The rules of the international game have changed significantly in terms of dealing with the Hezbollah militia. What was previously available is no longer valid today, and will this organization be treated as an Iranian or Lebanese militia operated by Iran?

These are the most prominent changes in the international political climate regarding Lebanon.  Hezbollah militia in Lebanon has transformed into a situation similar to that of the popular crowd in Iraq, and here it is necessary to define its identity as Westerners say in order to determine the frameworks to be adopted in the confrontation .

And the fact that the Hezbollah militia is aware of the spotlight shed on it these days, especially the scrutiny of every big and small thing it does in Lebanon, it is not surprising that an important and widespread news agency like Reuters publishes this detailed report on the food order of the Hezbollah militia and its source

And some of those in Lebanon, by rushing to open side fights, forget that the presidency of the republic in the country is being punished by the international community, and that President Michel Aoun does not have “presidents” friends with who would like to communicate with him.

Those who contracted with the Iranian in order to sell Lebanon at the cheapest prices, and with the timing of settling accounts, are wrong, as they are recklessly attacking the Lebanese army is the last pillar of a country in which all its institutions have collapsed, ” for Hezbollah’s eyes only”

And unlike 1975, when the army collapsed and the state collapsed with it in all its details  today, everything has collapsed except for the Lebanese army, and therefore this squandering reinforces the power of Hezbollah and helps it in practicing more injustice against Lebanon.

Lebanon has been sick for years, and has entered intensive care since the  settlement sin while it was dying. Practically  the solution is with the departure of the settlement parties together, and the most delusional one believes that any of the settlement parties can help in the treatment because it is simply the basis of the disease .

It is unfair to use the term “doctors” on those who stole and plunder the country and its people. Today, Lebanon is not only going through a crisis, but is living in the midst of a major conflict kiln between the state and the logic of non-state, a logic that Hezbollah wants to follow in the country

The worst thing in Lebanon today is that the authority not only  rejects  solutions, but rather attributes problems to others and flees towards the front, as if it controls Lebanon and its people in everything, and asks everyone to take the initiative while standing still.

Many had previously attached their hopes to the French moves, and they proved their failure, and others wished that the sun of the Lebanese solution would rise from other countries, so everyone would see the opposite, when will the majority realize that the solution is in the hands of the people of Lebanon alone?

This people has a lot of precedents where it was said in the loudest voice that real, deliberate and radical change is reserved for those in pain, and today , it means the whole Lebanese people, because they themselves are the ones who live the catastrophe in all its details as a result of this trivial power.