| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Hereby Bassil’s plan to run parliamentary elections

The Free Patriotic Movement’s popularity have been dwindling dramatically since the revolution in October 2019. Amid the deteriorating economic and social collapse, the party found itself on top of a corrupted authority led by President Michel Aoun.

The FPM is afraid from resentment among its supporters who are abandoning the party to join the civil society or keep apart from what is happening in Lebanon.

The supporters found, after the hollow promises for reform and change, that the party had become a disgrace within the Lebanese society. Inside the party there are parties battling to earn influence, which has forced some of them to quit, according to some parties who have left the party.

Opposition sources from within the Free Patriotic Movement indicated that the head of the FPM, MP Gibran Bassil, decided to run the parliamentary elections as a matter of tightening Christians and playing on the sectarian chord. Although this decision has been opposed by the party officials and advisors close to Bassil, but the covenant’s son-in-law took his decision and started preparing paid media figures and clerics in order to promote his ideas.

Sawt Beirut International (SBI) sources said that Bassil has realized, according to statistics he carried out through specialized companies, that his popularity had dropped among Christians. That’s why he found himself compelled to play on the sectarian chord in order to restore some of his crumbling popularity. Supporters approach the party whenever they find themselves in a sectarian battle under the guise of Christians’ rights and their threatened existence.

Sources added that what Father Mubarak said during a television interview of sectarian talk, falls within the context of Bassil’s plan. Mubarak has been recruited by Basil to carry out the sectarian mission.

The sources believe that Bassil’s plan will negatively affect him and his party, because citizens, especially Christians have become far from sectarianism. The Christians realize that their rights are nothing but a populist game that Bassil plays to get what he wants inside and outside the party.

  • Sawt Beirut International