| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen

No one in Lebanon or outside of Lebanon is surprised that Hezbollah is training Houthi fighters in its camps in the northern and southern Bekaa Valley, and the news that was revealed tells a lot of the Lebanon’s tragedy caused by these abusers.

And the Lebanese state that works in the service of the militia is hibernating , and has no ability to do anything  due to the successive crimes of Hezbollah, and all the treacherous, corrupt and silent political forces, are partners with Hezbollah in its practices

In the face of the Iranian coup and the subjugation and seizure of state institutions, there is no way out except with the immediate resignation of the Presidents of the Republic and the Parliament, for the least these two people are doing is covering for Hezbollah terror.

There are strict instructions with an Iranian-Syrian flavor in Lebanon, that escalation is the best way and means on all fronts regarding Iran’s aim of improving its negotiating position in Vienna.

Talking to those who submitted their credentials in the service of Hezbollah’s project in Lebanon, is very difficult, because the traitors are delusional and they are reserving the seats of power for themselves, and they have gone far with options for Haret Hreik , in a far cry  from Bkerke, and when they are punished by  an America they resort to Iran, their Master.

Borders are loose, smuggling is going on in full swing in Lebanon, and Syria does not recognize the borders and obstruct the demarcation, and Lebanon today is under the control of the Khamenei, Assad and Nasrallah trio

Those who export drugs are not the Lebanese people, but thugs and well-known gangs, and they are enemies to all of Lebanon, and their concern is that Lebanon be punished by all countries, and training the Houthis is like drug smuggling, it fall into the same field.

The role of the Lebanese farmer came to join the curse that afflicts Lebanon. It is true that chaos is widespread, but weeping will not bear fruits, and the Lebanese is touching the scale of the disasters as a result of the non-state and whoever legalizes smuggling as part of the de facto militia culture to inform people about the source of the pomegranate and who brought it

It is the Iranian republic of Hezbollah on the Lebanese land, and smuggling here is not only for drugs, but for all forms of absolute violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty, by containing Houthi terrorist elements as ordered by Iran, inside Lebanese regions.

This is the truth, Iran exports to Lebanon, then Hezbollah, drugs and extremists, and Iran exports them to countries because their resistant religion tells them that cultivating, manufacturing and exporting drugs through smuggling to target countries, is at the core of the resistance.

Sending terrorists here is legitimate, according to Iran, and the general “trend” of all the actions of Iran’s arms gives clear indications of the mullahs ’regime’s determination to keep Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria open battlefields to threaten peace and security for all.