| 5 December 2021, Sunday |

Hezbollah and the Impossible Equation Between “Excess of Power” and “Victimhood Claim”

Playing the oppressed “victim” role, won’t work everytime.
Hezbollah adopts this policy, which has become open and exposed. It always tries to play the role of the “oppressed victim” and that it is oppressed by everyone. but if we look a little bit closer, we find out the complete opposite.
Thursday’s incident, the Tayyouneh one, took place in an internal street in Badaro area. If the protesters wanted to go to the Palace of Justice, their “route” does not pass in the street, from Tayouneh Roundabout to the Palace of Justice. Why did they deliberately enter a side road? Even google maps doesn’t lead them to that subpath!
This premeditatedness is only intended to “create a problem,” and it did.
Last August, on the anniversary of the port bombing, the victims’ families organized a march to downtown Beirut. A group of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party entered a side road in Gemayzeh, and clashed with members of a party headquarters over there, and investigations revealed that this group submitted to orders from Hezbollah! Why did they enter a side road that does not lead to the venue of the celebration? The answer is with those who sent the group, with Hezbollah!
This policy that Hezbollah is pursuing is not a new one. Rather, it has been part of its method for a long time: on September 13, 1993, that is, 28 years ago, something similar happened: a demonstration took place from the southern suburbs, to denounce the Oslo Accord. With the arrival of the demonstrators to the airport bridge, the Lebanese army was provoked and shots were fired, leaving eight Hezbollah members dead.
And again, years after the airport bridge incident, a similar incident occurred. A demonstration was launched from Hay al-Selloum, protesting against the failure to reduce fuel prices. There was a stampede with the army, then shooting, and five protesters were killed.
Hezbollah believes that “The Vulnerability Approach” makes it gain, but since when does Hezbollah adopt legal means in demonstrations, marches and sit-ins?
According to the law, organizing any demonstration or march requires permission from the Ministry of Interior, which specifies the destination of the demonstration, lauching stage, and where it will reach, and what route will it take, and after obtaining permission, an official security escort is secured for it.
The question is: Has Hezbollah ever requested permission from the Ministry of the Interior for any demonstration or march it organized? Interior Ministry records do not show any permission request made by Hezbollah.
So, Hezbollah violates the laws and surpasses them, and when it gets hurt, it turns to the state and demands its implemention of the law! What kind of schizophrenia is this?
Hezbollah is required to stop mixing “excess power” with claiming victimhood.