| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

“Hezbollah” controls first and third presidencies speech’s structures, letters and punctuations

In 1908, Eugen Bleuler framed the roots of the word “schizophrenia” as a mental illness that is intended to describe the functional difference between personality, thinking and cognition. However, Bleuler missed, that this disease was registered mutated in Lebanon, so that the symptoms moved from mind to politics, and infected a large number of Lebanese officials in terms of the difference between their national responsibility and their own political ambition, and their lack of awareness of the reality experienced by the Lebanese people while they are languishing in their own world.

The Lebanese waited for the speech of President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, who refrained from answering journalists’ questions after his participation in the Christmas mass at the patriarchal edifice in Bkerke, promising a response on Monday.

Websites and social media outlets’ main material, was the content of the televised speech, about what could be the “bomb” that the president will detonate, according to the descriptions that were repeated in more than one analysis, especially since the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” Gobran Bassil, had ignited the against with his ally, “Hezbollah.” Without naming it, through the spread of a videotape showing his defiance to everyone, and of course the message was directed to his ally “Hezbollah” without naming it… But no matter how high the level of verbal quarrel and its tone, “it does not spoil the friendly cause.” Perhaps the visit of the head of the Liaison and Coordination Unit in “Hezbollah” Wafiq Safa to Al-Bayada, had the most prominent role in whitewashing some pages of the presidential speech without entering into the details of the “exchanged gifts” between them at the political level. That was crystal clear, through assigning responsibility to a political system that does not include names, despite its reference to some files related to its ally, starting with the failure of convening the Council of Ministers, and holding him accountable for disrupting it, and of course the defense strategy, which he promised to put forward from the first day of his election, but the remaining months of his term will not allow him to put it on the dialogue table with those he blamed for the failure of many projects.

As for President Najib Mikati, who held a press conference in a hurry before traveling to the British capital, he came out to absolve himself of the obstruction, and he is trying with all his might to return to the cabinet table, but he is afraid of an internal crack, and thus he wanted to respond to President Aoun’s insistence on resuming governmental work, but he refrained himself from the settlement that was being prepared to overthrow the judicial investigator, Tariq Bitar.

The source concludes that “Hezbollah” controls first and third presidencies speech’s structures, letters and punctuations, as it is able to ban the government’s sessions from being convened, and handcuff its president, who does not recognize the presence of Iranian influence in Lebanon, but at the same time denounces the interference in the internal affairs of the Arab Gulf states.
As far as the “orange Tayyar” is concerned, it has become besieged electorally, it cannot block the road towards “Haret Hreik” through Mar Mikhael, because the latter still has the ability to deliver the largest Shiite bloc to the Nejmeh Square, but it needs someone to secure it with cover whenever it is exposed to stray bullets