| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

Hezbollah not familiar with facing a “NO”

Saying NO to Hezbollah militia, is something it is not familiar with in Lebanon. It deploys its members outside the borders of this country, controls the institutions of governance in Lebanon, and works to provoke sedition and provoke people without anyone confronting it.
The recent events in Tayouneh showed that the Christian street stands against Hezbollah, and that the choices of this street converge with the orientations of the Lebanese Forces as a political party, that considers itself out of the ruling system, and before that, the Sunni Arabs of Khaldeh stood in the face of Hezbollah and its militias, and taught them a lesson that has not been forgotten until today. And they said through actions before words, NO to the orgy of an armed party that desecrates Lebanon.
As for the Druze of Shwaya in the Hasbaya district, the famous incident is still well remembered. The villagers arrested Hezbollah members and humiliated them in front of the media, and forced the party into an unenviable situation.
And if Hassan Nasrallah has 100,000 fighters, why doesn’t he use them to liberate the Golan heights, and then head towards Jerusalem? As for the relationship with ISIS and Al-Nosra, he accused the Lebanese forces of dealing with, the pictures of Hezbollah members and their eagerness to transport ISIS in air-conditioned buses to Syria, are still well visible to public opinion.
As far as Lebanon’s protection is concerned, neither you, Hassan, nor your militias, even if they reach a million and not 100,000, are able to protect the Lebanese, The Christians and the Muslims, because only the legitimate institutions of the country protect it, with no other partner.
And regarding this who sought refuge under Hezbollah’s cloak, and provided cover for its weapons, he is not a Lebanese and does not represent them, whatever his sect, religion or party is, because Nasrallah and Hezbollah militia are an alien situation in Lebanon, now and in the future, and all weapons, missiles, arrogance, Iranian funding and Assad’s support, have not and will not be able to change the reality of the Lebanese structure, Nasrallah’s invasions faded and his shouts were no longer heard, and only those who sold the Lebanese cause, are on his side.
It is the moment of truth, and the rule of falsehood will not last, and the militia’s persistance has weaken the state and its institutions, and the Lebanese are all invited to take the decision of having a state, and whoever will continue to cover the statelet, is a partner of these militias.
Care and protection are a responsibility entrusted to the state alone, and Nasrallah’s call upon the Christians in Lebanon is rejected, and it is directed to the Free Patriotic Movement, the owner of the sinister Mar Mikhael alliance, which provided a Christian cover to the Party. Hassan Nasrallah’s words are not convincing and unjustified. Political rivalry and division in the political project is one thing, and hatred, revenge and slander, is another, and his attack against the Lebanese forces, might end up to be in their interest and not the opposite.