| 5 October 2022, Wednesday |

Hezbollah unable of “digesting” Bitar, nor “uprooting” him

Amidst Hezbollah’s confusion regarding the port explosion investigations and the overthrow of the judicial investigator, Tariq Bitar, the resistance environment is engulfed by anger, as it used to see the party as a source of strength and arrogance, that made it act according to its desires.
However, the recent events in Tayouneh and its aftermath, through the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, which was weak, did not satisfy the desires of the shocked foster environment, which believed that no one could confront the party.
Moreover, the party’s accusations against the Lebanese Forces party, were short of conclusive information and evidence, so the statement of the army, security forces and the Minister of Defense, reflected a different image from what was promoted by Hezbollah.
The suburb’s- Al Dahieh- residents, got surprised by the way Nasrallah spoke, as they were waiting for something else to be said by him. Talking for an hour about Samir Geagea, gave strength to the head of the Lebanese Forces, and consolidated more his leadership in the Christian street.
Intermediate sources indicate to “Sawt Beirut International” that Nasrallah has failed a lot, and although he spoke about Samir Geagea, the inner content of his speech was directed to his environment in order to raise its morale, which has been suffering since the events of Shwayya, as the resistance market is no longer popular, and the saying that the people are a cover for the resistance, has fallen and vanished.
The sources pointed out that the party’s aura has been extinguished within its environment, and so is the case for the allies, who rely on its weapons, and there is a feeling that the party has entered the stage of retreat and weakness, and there is a new stage of reconsidering the balances, on the basis that no one can control Lebanon, and no one can annul any team, no matter how strong it gets.
As far as the investigations of the port explosion is concerned, the sources said, that “the party was surprised by the firmness of the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Bitar, and the support it receives from the judicial body.”
The sources added, that “the party underestimated the strength of the judicial body, and considered that as soon as they take to the street, they will terrify Justice, and thus push Bitar to step down. However, the party’s winds came against its expectations, as cohesion within the judiciary is at its height, and there is an actual uprising led by the judiciary against those who interfere in the judges’ work , and Hezbollah on top of them.”
According to the sources, the party failed to intimidate Bitar, and Wafiq Safa’s threats to “uproot” Bitar from the “Adliye” roots, did not work, and the popular support that the judicial investigator received made him more powerful, in addition to the international support that prevents his ouster, as he proved to be “fat bite” difficult to swallow.