| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Hezbollah will not recognize the parliamentary majority if it wasn’t for his benefit

As if the Head of the ‘Loyalty to the Resistance’ bloc MP Mohammad Raad, tore up all the books and references of “political science” and replaced it with constitutional ‘jurisprudence’. This is a “heresy” that provokes the ridicule of a first-year university student in political science.

In his most recent position, the Constitutional Jurist says: “Lebanon is not governed by the logic of the majority, but rather is governed by the constitution!”

How can this be? The constitution, in more than one article states about a “two-thirds majority” and an “absolute majority,” that is, half plus one. How can there be a conflict between “the logic of the majority” and “the rule of the constitution?”

This constitutional “downfall” by MP Raad is not an “orphan.” Last week, he declared the same “heresy” by saying: “Whoever wants to rule us tomorrow with a fictional majority, must realize that the majority that ruled wasn’t able to rule.”

Thus, with a massive exploitation of surplus power, it is as if he says:

As we canceled the effects of the majority in the past, we will cancel the effects of the majority, if it is achieved, in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

This threat, after Lebanon has practically entered the orbit of the parliamentary elections, is drawn up by the United Nations, the free world, the international community, and Lebanon’s friends in the world. So they have to realize from today that the parliamentary elections that they are stipulating to be held, as an entry point to help Lebanon, Hezbollah will let it pass, but will not take their effects or results, if these results do not come according to what suits them.

There is no name for what Hezbollah is calling except the “coup”:

Hezbollah will turn away from the election results if they are not in his favour.

It overturns any judicial ruling if it affects one of those who belong to it.

Hezbollah made its decision, and it was decided:

No sound is louder than the “statelet” voice.

There is no voice for the “state,” no matter how loud it is.

What MP Muhammad Raad did not recognize, on the issue of the majority, was recognized by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah in 2011, in his speech: “There is a new majority that has the right to form a government.”

Who do we believe in this case? Nasrallah, who recognizes the majority? Or Hajj Mohammad Raad, who does not recognize it?

  • Sawt Beirut International