| 15 April 2021, Thursday | النسخة العربية

Hezbollah’s fait accompli imposed on Lebanon

 Any attempt by an upcoming government to obtain Arab aid, specifically Saudi aid, will be impossible as long as Lebanon falls under Iranian occupation. This, perhaps, is the key phrase, and all other than that from the aghast of the political class and its attempts to bypass the file Hezbollah militia under the pretext of priority of the economic crisis is an illusion.

Unfortunately, France has restored the logic of hybrid Lebanese settlements, and here is Macron seeking to bring Gebran Bassil together with the president-designate to return to the era prior to October 17 revolution that rose up against quotas and corruption.

What is happening in Paris will not solve the crisis and will not prevent collapse, wait and see,as most Lebanese say. Hybrid settlements are worse will have worse results than the current situation in the country, its results will always be disastrous.

The dysfunction that has occurred in the country and still happening cannot be stopped by patch work solutions. The clear enemy of the Lebanese people today is Iran and its various militias, politically and militarily, and foremost among them is Hezbollah and its allies.

The options that Hassan Nasrallah – through Iranian orders- would impose on Lebanon, do not only harm the Lebanese people interests, but harm the regional interests as well. Hezbollah is the worst Iranian version in the world, and its goal is to destabilize Lebanon’s security and that of all the regional countries.

Iranians want the political scene to be based on of the quotas demanded by Aoun, Berri, Basil and Nasrallah. The quotas serve corruption, and corruption is strengthened by illegal weapons, and illegal weapons are in the hands of Hezbollah.

all the masks that the party is wearing to change its true image, do not cover its exposed political nakedness, for the party wants  wars by proxy, but it is known that Aoun, Berri and Bassil are nothing but a week frontage for Hezbollah.

What is currently happening in Vienna proves the hypocrisy of the Iranian regime, as it wants its terrorist militias in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon- including Hezbollah of course- to escalate, in order to disrupt any entitlement, while Iran itself is panting and rushing in order to reach an agreement with America.

And on the basis of devastation, Hezbollah rushes to say clearly , I will not allow any breakthrough in Lebanon, nor will I let the Lebanese people rest, and as many know, Hezbollah has on his agenda a number of disasters that it is working on.

These misfortunes are not excluded from its intervention  in neighboring countries, and in various countries of the region, and if you ask Hezbollah, does it want the government to help the Lebanese? It will tell you “no”, because all that it wants is a government that covers its crimes

For its crimes are more important, both to it and to Iran than any service provided to the Lebanese people, and they both want to keep Lebanon locked in the bets of failure and loss. This is the political, media and economic logic that Hezbollah adopts in all its actions.