| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Hochstein leads talks on demarcating line 23 between Lebanon and Israel

An agreement was reached between the three presidents and the American mediator, Amos Hochstein, on his return to Lebanon after a visit to Israel again, where he will present the results of his visit to Beirut in indirect negotiations, during which he was able to make a breakthrough, according what presidential sources have told “Sawt Beirut International.” The results are as follows:

First: Israel has recognized the Lebanese stance adhering to the 23rd line as the borders of its maritime area, and handed it over its full rights in the Qana field.

Second: In order for the picture to be clearer and more comprehensive for Hochstein about the entire Qana field for Lebanon, and regarding the agreement that will happen between Lebanon and Israel indirectly, and with American mediation, he presented a positive atmosphere and positive data, and said that if an understanding was reached on some of the outstanding points that need clarifications about the borders and the 23rd line that Lebanon demands, and which it will receive in full. If what is required is clarified, the signing of the agreement may be discussed within a short time.

Third: Hochstein had a comfortable atmosphere about his talks with Total and French officials. Total assured him of its willingness to start drilling in the Lebanese fields as soon as an agreement is reached. He expressed his optimism about reaching the agreement, and considered this matter necessary at this stage The Lebanese side listened to the explanations and clarifications provided by Hochstein, who promised the Lebanese side to study the ideas it came up with.

The sources revealed that the clarifications requested by the mediator are related to the demarcation of Line 23, regarding the way it will be done, the premises of the demarcation, its rationale and details.

According to Western diplomatic sources, the US administration worked to separate the issue of the demarcation from any other issues, especially the nuclear negotiation file, which fate is still unknown in light of the new Iranian conditions, and American pressure was applied to Israel so that the demarcation file would not be affected by the elections in the Knesset.

  • Sawt Beirut International