| 3 February 2023, Friday |

If Mikati’s government sees light, the Iranian fuel tankers will run over it

Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati’s visits to the Presidential Palace in Baabda has become similar to the advertisements that promote for Loto, “If it wasn’t on Monday, then it is on Thursday”. But these visits differ in terms of the raffle rounds, because the names and bags will not match between President Michel Aoun and the PM designate, who thought that joining the Former Prime Ministers’ Club, will save him this time.

Sources that follow Mikati’s activity said that the latter thought he will perform miracles, especially that he announced before he preceded his visit today to Baabda that the percentage of forming a government is greater than the percentage of apology, however, nothing proves that. “As for the deadlines, there isn’t specific time defined and the duration is not open.” These phrases are like a puzzle waiting to be decoded.

President Mikati added in his statement after his meeting with President Michel Aoun that he did not address the government program file, which he asserted is on his “mind,” as if the reality of the ministries which is involved in corruption files can be absorbed by the minds, according to the same source.

The source added: “If we assumed that Mikati was able to form his third government, would he be able to take care of it, especially that the custody would be in the hands of the opposite axis. This has been obviously revealed in Hassan Nasrallah’s last speech, who confirmed that he would bring gasoline from Iran. Nasrallah said: “I confirm that we will definitely bring gasoline and diesel from Iran, as the ships are full and waiting for someone to purchase it.”

Based on these words, the source asks how the President-designate will deal with Nasrallah’s pledge if he manages to skip the assignment stage and gain confidence, noting that Mikati knows that dealing with Iran and Syria, which are under US sanctions and the “Caesar” law, is prohibited. Then how he will be able to gain international confidence, and bring names not affiliated to any political party. Of course, this matter is almost impossible.

As for the promised oil from Iran, everyone knows that the Iranian oil tankers, which Al-Qatirji is in charge of operating its shipment to Baniyas and Latakia ports, pass under cover of darkness, until it reaches the mentioned ports. The ships are often subjected to detonation, and the last of which is “Hikma” ship which is owned by Iran and registered in Lebanon and holds Panama flag. Information reported that the detonation occurred due to an explosive device settled at the bottom, and this ship itself had been targeted last July and returned to work, but the second strike caused huge damages.

If Syria Ports managed to empty the Iranian tankers on the land borders, how will it pass? Will they pass as shown by a report broadcasted on one of the media stations, as happens while the citizens are waiting to fill half a tank of gasoline, especially since they will cross areas that do not belong to Hezbollah? This matter will constitute an obstacle, that would lead to blocking roads.

This is the first clause of the custody that will face the PM designate, who was asked after Al-Tleil massacre to apologize before witnessing any damages that that will start from the gasoline tank. The source concludes: “The PM-designate must take his decision, and stop his rounds that will remain in vain.”

  • Sawt Beirut International