| 20 October 2021, Wednesday |

In Lebanon, alliance of minorities

Lebanon’s salvation will only occur by dropping the theory of alliance of minorities, which is due to civilizations, religions, and cultures’ conflict, and the theory of creative chaos. The alternative is stability, construction and sustainable development based on acquaintance between religions and cultures and on Lebanon’s partnership with promising visions, most notably Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia.

It has become obvious that Hezbollah and Iran’s goal is to expel the majority of Arabs from their country and control the few that remain. What is required from all Arabs at this time is to confront such a goal, instead of calls for expulsion and boycott, because Lebanon’s weakness is dangerous, and Lebanon’s strength would benefit citizens and all Arabs.

Even Najib Mikati’s recent positions regarding militias of Hezbollah and Iran come in the wake of major changes in the course of tense international relations on more than one level, and the last of these changes is Switzerland’s decision to cancel the purchase of Rafale warplanes from France, as this matter is one of those variables. It is true that Lebanon was, and still a card of attraction between regional and international powers, but Lebanon awaits confusing, exciting and astonishing developments for all those in the power team who bet on things going in their favor. Najib Mikati said that the final word in Lebanon is for Hezbollah.

Thank you Prime Minister for your frankness, but as a result you are the head of the militia government that has the final say. So either you try to set the boundaries between Lebanon’s interest and Hezbollah’s interest, or you don’t provide a cover for Iran’s occupation of Lebanon, even if the whole world asks you to do so.

Even the Minister of Information in Mikati’s government believes that displacing half of the Syrian people, destructing Syria’s cities, and killing a million Syrian, summoning Iran’s militias and Putin’s aviation, are achievements that make both Assad and Nasrallah the men of the year. This is how people, media, culture and rights ended up in the Arab world. George Kordahi became a specialist, and it is most likely that Assad asked Aoun to assign him a minister in order to reward him for his great services.

They have transformed Lebanon, which was the Paris of the East, a sophisticated and civilized country that was a meeting place for everyone and a meeting point for politicians, writers, artists, actors, and a hub for theaters, cinemas, cultures, writing and publishing houses into an Iranian hotbed overflowing with murder, strife, drugs and superstition, and they want, above all, to transform Lebanon into a state entirely affiliated with Wilayat al-Faqih.