| 23 June 2021, Wednesday |

In Lebanon … Whoever insured the punishment offended manners

Whoever witnesses and watches the interview with the “Mar Mikhael Agreement” Foreign Affairs Minister Charbel Wehbe, via Al-Hurra channel, can only show mercy to Camille Chamoun, Charles Malek, Khalil Abu Hamad, Fouad Boutros, Ghassan Tueni and other prominent figures of Lebanese diplomacy in the golden age.

Indeed, it is a time of political decline in Lebanon. After the “Mar Mikhael Agreement” Minister between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, Charbel Wehbe adopted the marketing of the Iranian project in Lebanon and the region, justifying and defending it, how will Lebanon respond to the sanctions of countries that have been offended by the Minister?

But is the prime minister required to take a stand to prevent Wehbe from continuing to conduct business and speak in the name of Lebanon? Or is it required to stop at the practices of this dangerous Aouni era, which destroyed Lebanon and still destroys its relationship with all its brothers?

Does the “Mar Mikhael Agreement” Foreign Affairs Minister, know that Saudi Arabia provided Lebanon with $ 3 billion of weapons during the era of President Suleiman to protect the borders from ISIS and others, and that the Kingdom provided Lebanon another billion dollars in cash during the war of the desert?

And does he know that the kingdom withdrew its donation after Aoun declared that Lebanon needs Hezbollah’s weapons, and that Aoun himself disrupts political life in Lebanon, ordered from Hezbollah prevent the formation of the government that has been waiting for months?

And if the attack on the Arab Gulf states is renewed at an increasing rate, then the order is from Hezbollah, and Aouni minister is only an implementation tool. Perhaps he said: How does this man manage the diplomatic work in a country like Lebanon?

Here, points should be placed on the letters of the treatments. Once placed, Lebanon may witness unprecedented Arab sanctions, in which it is not enough to apologize for the racist abuse uttered by a sovereign minister, as they call him.

The arrows of hatred launched by this minister express the extent of the political suffering that Lebanon is going through these days. Dozens of Arab Gulf citizens have written words on social media that may become reality. Some of them said: “After the repeated accusations and insults from the Lebanese government gang affiliated with Khamenei, the last of which is the speech of Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe, I hope to deport the Lebanese, withdraw the Saudi ambassador, and expel the Lebanese ambassador”. Another said: “Our patience is big but patience has limits, and whoever is tampering with leaving this talk will pass unnoticed, because the minister who offended Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states officially represents Lebanon in the Foreign Ministry building”.

What was said by Michel Aoun and Hezbollah’s foreign minister calls for severing relations, and more than that, according to a Gulf Arab elite who writes, major countries did not interfere in Saudi affairs, and when they thought of interfering, they cut ties with them and Canada is the best evidence.