| 16 June 2021, Wednesday | النسخة العربية

International conference for Lebanon

Lebanese citizens need more than any time a real change, and this will never come through a corrupted system, which is based on quotas and its sole options are the quadruple alliances.

Lebanon, is in dire need for an international conference that includes people who are keen about its independency. Declaring Lebanon’s neutrality is the gateway for the success of such a conference.

Saad Hariri’s apology for forming a government, if it happened, is insufficient, because he will relieve the ruling class by cloning another Hassan Diab. However, if the apology is accompanied by parliamentary resignations, then this will be an incentive for changing the political scene.

Samir Geagea has always reiterated that the resignation of the members of the “Lebanese Forces” bloc is ready. The matter remains here, for the “Future Movement”, and the “Socialist Progressive Party” to take their decision.

The government have promised previously that it will announce the investigation results of Beirut Port Blast within five days, but this period has been extended 42 times. Justice will come for the sake of the martyrs by changing the whole system and its destructive approach.

Lebanese have the right to ask who have assigned the two financial attorney general to represent the revolution. Why all the claims in Lebanon and the world under the pretext of fighting corruption focused only on banks and on one person?

The question that arises in this context: Why they didn’t take any action against the three former ministers who were involved in the United State’s sanction list for corruption charges, or against any politician? Why they didn’t take any action against Hezbollah’s illegal institutions that refuse any judicial inspection?

Are there new deals in the region between the French, the American and the Iranian at the expense of Lebanon and other countries occupied by Iran? Is it a coincidence that the French Foreign Minister came to Lebanon?

The funny and desperate news is that the President of the Republic will ask the French Minister Le Drian to help find out who transferred Lebanese funds abroad. Indeed, it is hilarious to say that the first person who transferred tens of millions of dollars to France in 1989 was Michel Aoun.

Perhaps the concept of revolution among the Aounists, is that it is forbidden to revolt except against Aoun’s opponents, and it is forbidden to open files except against Aoun’s opponents, and it is forbidden to insult anyone unless he is an opponent. If they allied with a political party, the members of the allied party turn into angels.

Judges in Lebanon, according to the Aouni’s, are all evil unless they serve the interests of the Aounist movement. Although they drove the country to hell under his leadership, it remains forbidden for you to revolt except if you want to implement their political interests.