| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Iran expands the spread of its military militias towards Ukraine

It has become crystal clear that Iran will not stand at ease in its attempts to destabilize the Middle East and the Arab Gulf, as well as Europe by recruiting its loyal mercenaries in the attack carried out by Russia on Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, who dreamt of subjugating Ukraine and the European countries to his will and interests, has discovered that he is close to drowning.

Putin has planned that the strike would be a quick and definitive, but some analysts said that Putin risked this option despite his knowledge that Ukraine receives great military support from the “NATO” countries. Before the attack he was betting on the axis he leads but at the same time does not trust, even the strength of his military, which is ranked second among the strongest armies in the world, is at stake due to the losses it has incurred.

As for the time factor, it has begun to pose the greatest danger to him and the morale of his army. It has become vital for him to seek the assistance of his unreliable allies, foremost of which is Iran which he knows its “maliciousness”. However, Iran is obliged to provide assistance after it fell between the jaws of the Russian conditions in the nuclear file negotiations, which halted the negotiations at a decisive point. These negotiations may lead to lifting sanctions and reviving its economy, but the gains that may be achieved in the event of supporting the “Russian bear” in its battle may constitute a trump card for Putin that Iran can use to consolidate its position in “Vienna,” according to a special source to Sawt Beirut International.

The source considered that Iran’s expansion and the spread of its mercenaries will drain it and accumulate its human and military losses. When it relied on the Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese militias, it sank in Yemen and was unable to rise in Syria. In Lebanon, Iran is struggling with a large segment of the Lebanese who broke the barrier of fear from “Hezbollah” and the demands for liberating the country from the Iranian control is expanding dramatically.

Sending Lebanese youth to fight alongside the Russians in the face of the Ukrainian people lacks arguments. The argument for the entry of “Hezbollah’s” members into Syria was protecting the “holy sites,” according to Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. Then it turned to another task of repelling the attack of “terrorist organizations” and preventing them from entering Lebanon. As for other countries such as Yemen, the support, according to the party’s leaders, is moral towards people who are subjected to injustice, while the Yemeni people struggle to stay in the bosom of Arab and restore full sovereignty.

The source concluded that betting on the victory of the Russians over Ukraine may not be achieved. Perhaps the military indecisiveness will negatively affect the Russian interior, because the high death toll from its soldiers may generate a popular explosion, therefore, may overthrow Putin’s authority before he is able to resolve the war file in his neighbor’s lands. The severe blows of US sanctions and NATO countries that have surprised Russia may lead Russian businessmen and financiers to abandon Putin.

This will constitute a violent shock to the structure of Putin’s throne, which is relying on the option of war without paying attention to the interests of the people and businessmen who have great influence with the Russian authorities. Those Russian people who lose their interests will not continue to applaud the losing bet that Putin is throwing in his arms.

  • Sawt Beirut International