| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Iran’s messages to Lebanon through its mailbox…”Hezbollah”

Amid a worsening financial crisis that puts the country at stake, Hezbollah militia is leading the Lebanese state to suffer under US sanctions, and it seems that the Lebanese authorities have no intention of liberating from Iranian occupation, sanctions, and the upcoming total collapse.
What Iran is looking for is a kind of disintegrated state that it can exploit to pursue its agenda and terrorism, first in Lebanon, and secondly on the Middle East level. Such a brutal terrorism, will inevitably be met with sanctions followed by boycotts of countries, at the forefront of which is the Arab Gulf. This is not surprising for Hezbollah militia’s methodology, which inevitably infected the Lebanese state with a ‘tumor” of the Iranian type.
The threat that Hezbollah poses on Lebanon, requires from the Middle East and the world countries, to take more steps to restrict its activities and disrupt its networks. For as long as it exists, we cannot dream of reforms or even a legitimate state. The people are completely looking for any step to break the siege on their country, in order to overcome its fabricated political, economic and financial crises. As for the rulers of this country, it has become clear that they are openly dependent on Wilayat al-Faqih.
Hezbollah’s methodology, which is in violation of Lebanon’s policy and all Lebanese laws, represents a real encroachment on the authority, the state and the government, which is supposed to be the sole sovereign.Hezbollah seeks to turn Lebanon into an arena of additional confrontation for Iran’s benefits against the international and Arab community, which constitutes a blow to Lebanon’s future, so what next?
Lebanon, which suffers from unprecedent dire circumstances, as a result of Hezbollah’s actions that led to the withdrawal of friendly countries, is defying today, as a result of Hassan Nasrallah’s decisions, the international resolutions and sanctions. And this is one of the most dangerous Iranian messages to the Lebanese interior and the countries abroad, as it indicates the extent of the Iranian control over Lebanon.
As if there is no state or government in Lebanon, the philosophy of the “Hezbollah” militia is based on a system whose core is corruption, drugs and murder, in the shadow of an incomprehensible silence, the presidency of the republic has no life, and the same is the government and its head, so upon who do we call?