| 2 August 2021, Monday |

Is smuggling a cause or a consequence?

Addressing matters by looking at the results is a jump on the obvious facts and an escape from confronting the real causes. The issue of smuggling in Lebanon is a result, not a cause, as it is intended to talk about now. The collapse of the state in Lebanon and the desecration of the border with Syria by Hezbollah militias is the main reason for the existence of smuggling. The smuggler, young or old, enjoys security and political cover from Hezbollah.

The smugglers are the same as those who were attacking protesters in the streets of Beirut. They are protected and it is forbidden to pursue them, and no one can arrest them, because the fear of Hezbollah is the master of the situation inside a weak country and asking the Lebanese army to intervene and control the borders is something that won’t make a difference.

In front of all the Lebanese security forces, Hezbollah goes to Syria and returns with border gates that the army cannot cross. And if the Jurf al-Sakhar area in Iraq is an area about which strange things are told, the border areas with Syria are similar, but under the supervision of the Hezbollah militia, which hides a lot from everyone.

After the border chaos for years, there are Lebanese demands to launch the battle to control the borders. Unfortunately, the border will not be closed with a single soldier, but with a clear political decision. And Hezbollah was the one who gave the orders to attack the Lebanese army offices yesterday. This is a clear message to the army chief, who promised Saudi Arabia to fight the Captagon merchants in Lebanon, and that any move by the army against smugglers and any dealer affiliated with Hezbollah will eventually lead to the killing Lebanese soldiers with cold blood. And the question is to the environment that fosters the terrorism of Hezbollah and the alliance of minorities, which is also an ally to Iran: Where is the Iranian financial support to stop Lebanese lira from collapsing? Where are the gifts, donations, aid, and dollars from Khamenei? The answer is simply crystal clear, as Iran only brings ruin to Lebanon.

Even Iranian products in Lebanon are very expensive, and most of them have been counterfeited to deceive customers. Many foodstuffs imported from Iran have become unfit for consumption due to the Lebanese people’s lack of desire to buy Iranian products, especially in the areas of Hezbollah’s.

And what I write as an Arab writer in public about Hassan Nasrallah and his armed party is said by many Shiites in Lebanon in secret, fearing of torture, kidnapping, killing, and of Hezbollah’s Nazi criminal apparatus that spies even on it’s supporters.