| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Kordahi’s refusal to resign asserts that the government’s decision is outside the Grand Serail

It is absolutely clear that the Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi was unable to distinguish between the TV program “Al Mousameh Karim,” that he was presenting on MBC, and between “diplomacy,” which is the main feature of political relations and the management of international relations, according to what an informed source told Sawt Beirut International (SBI).

The source added: “Perhaps one of the oldest definitions of diplomacy is the famous saying of Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan, in which he said, “If there was a hair between me and the people, it would not be cut off, If you loosen it you tighten it, and if you tighten it, you loosen it.” However, Minister Kordahi has cut it off.

The source follows Minister Kordahi’s justification of his remarks who claimed that it happened before he joined the Mikati government”. This did not come as a surprise, as he was the one who paved the way for the government with positions and messages for the axis of opposition. But despite that he did not apologize on the basis of his program “Al Mousameh Karim”, repeating that his remarks were before taking over the Ministry of Information. But this does not absolve him of responsibility, and if it is a personal position, it leads us to his firm conviction of what he made and cannot be separated from his representation in the government, and what was issued by his supporters confirms what we have stated.

The source pointed out that Minister Kordahi may not have realized how the process of isolating Lebanon from its Arab and Gulf countries began, and he is still sticking to his position refusing to resign, even at the expense of Lebanon and its people.

The responsibility lies primarily on Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who considers Saudi Arabia to have accepted him, according to the source, because he did not contain the repercussions of Kordahi’s positions on the day it was announced, but rather left the snowball growing without being able to stop it.

Mikati will not be able to get his government out of the isolation that besieged it, especially that some statements support Kordahi including those who agreed with to form “Together to the Rescue” government, which he stressed on its impartiality, while the number of sessions showed that it carried a lot of challenges, some of which exploded in the last session.

The source indicated that officials should stop linking Lebanon’s relationship with the Arab Gulf states to the Lebanese working there, because ties with these countries are stronger than financial resources and economic relations, and they go back to a long history in which Lebanon embraced during its crises.

Perhaps the “Taif Accord” is the most prominent evidence of the keenness of these countries, foremost of which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to end the civil war and to reconstruct Lebanon, in which the Kingdom had the greatest contribution.

In conclusion, Prime Mikati must take the decision to get out of the axis of opposition because Kordahi’s refusal to resign confirms that the government’s decisions are outside the powers of its president.

Will Mikati do it and resign out of compassion for the Lebanese people and their political future before the Iranian axis is applied to Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International