| 5 December 2023, Tuesday |

Le Drian will not miraculously visit Lebanon.. and the solution lies with the Lebanese

Lebanese circles are anticipating what the French presidential envoy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, will carry, who is supposed to arrive in Beirut next week, to meet with political forces, and is trying to gather representatives of the main political forces in the country at a dialogue table, in order to restore momentum to the presidential election file.

After attending the summit in Doha, Le Drian arrives in Beirut, in an attempt to convene a dialogue table that brings together representatives of the political forces, amid severe internal political crisis as a result of the conditions set by the Shiite duo, as they stipulate that Franjieh’s name be on the list of candidates for dialogue over their names, but this matter is faced by the other parties in the opposition team.

Le Drian’s visit comes in order to try to revive the presidential file in accordance with the rule produced by the last presidential election session, which showed that no one is able to deliver his candidate, and according to political sources, who pointed out through the “Sawt of Beirut International” website, that Le Drian will inform those concerned of the necessity to work on the delivery of a third candidate.

And the sources add: “The countries of the five-party meeting have become convinced of the third option, and among the available options is the name of the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, but there are complications that may face the mission of the French envoy, because Iran is still pressuring Franjieh, and the countries of the five-party meeting must communicate with Iran in order to facilitate things.”

Le Drian had stated that he wanted to provide the right conditions to facilitate communication between the parliamentary parties concerned in the republic’s election of a president under French auspices, and confirmed that he asked questions in his meetings through which he wanted to find out the opinion of those he met about the possibility of calling for dialogue and its venue, and whether it takes precedence over electing a president or comes after him.

Le Drian’s mission remains hostage to the intransigence of the Shiite duo and his adherence to Franjieh. Le Drian cannot perform miracles, and his role is limited to bringing points of view closer, but solutions come through the countries of the five-party meeting and the extent of their ability to make their contacts with Tehran a success, just as the solution lies in the hands of the Lebanese who have to Put Lebanon’s interest ahead of their own.


  • Sawt Beirut International