| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanese, be prepared, medicines are back, but from Argentina, India and Iran!

The Lebanese Ministry of Health’s searching process, for subsidized medicines stored by the monopolists, supported by the regime parties, took more than a year, after patients began to beg for their medicines, or through what is available at home, or through  the platforms of communication sites as it became the only outlet to secure them from outside the borders of the Lebanese state geographically and administratively, where The Lebanese traveling bags are stuffed with medicines , hoping it will save those who are hopeless.

Suddenly, the visual media started focusing on the raids carried out by the Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, most notably those belonging to Issam Khalifeh, who is close to Hezbollah. At that time, Hasan issued furious statements for what Khalifeh has done, describing it as hideous, but the next day, Hasan affirmed that Khalifeh promised him that he will distribute these medicines. The raids continued in several areas, and the accusing voices of some parties rose to the point of denying the monopolists their partisan character.

It seems that the validity of the raids has expired, as are the large quantities of medicines found in warehouses, especially those specialized for cancer patients, and of course a large amount of  children’s formula, which turned out to be expired.

These raids came as a result of the promises made by the Ministry of Health for a solution to the medicines’ dilemma, after the total subsidy was lifted from some of them, while subsidy remained on chronic medicines, that have no substitute. But the medicines are still missing and there are no data indicating the possibility of returning them to the shelves of pharmacies.

A private source confirmed to “Sawt Beirut International” that there is no solution in the short term, due to funds shortage, in order to pay the companies’ debt of about 600 million dollars in order to approve sending new shipments.

The problem lies between 3 parties: Banque du Liban, Ministry of Health, and the importing companies which blame each other. The citizen alone is the victim of these scuffles, and he cannot benefit, even from local manufactured medicines such as Panadol, that can suffice the market and even be exported, but raw materials cannot be secured, and therefore the dependence on foreign companies continues, and its price has become fictitious, and it is one of the simplest and indispensable medicines, the source adds.

It continues, it seems that Lebanon’s identity has begun to change in terms of considering it the East Hospital, as data indicates, that the compass will turn towards other countries such as Iran, Argentina, Russia, India and others, and only the Ministry of Health has the authority to determine this destination, which is rejected by a large number of the Lebanese people who have no confidence in what is manufactured In these countries, especially as they do not have World Health Organization’s certificate.