| 9 December 2022, Friday |

Lebanese issue put on hold on the international, regional table, sources tell SBI

Despite the sovereign team’s significant progress and victory in the parliamentary elections, diplomatic sources in a major capital paint a pessimistic picture of the Lebanese situation’s near future, citing the fact that the parties affected by the election results tend to obstruct when they are weak, and to dominate when they are weak.

There are negative implications in both circumstances for these parties’ behavior toward the sovereign parties and toward the recovery of state authority and the transmission of constitutional benefits in a sound and constitutional way. Because none of them expected this outcome in the elections in light of the Iranian and Syrian funds that were invested.

As a result, sources told Sawt Beirut International that the road to the constitutional elections is expected to be complicated. The resigning government is a long-term government that is likely to remain even after President Michel Aoun’s term ends and until a new president is elected.

The winners want to rule, while the losers want to stay in opposition, which Hezbollah and its supporters will not tolerate. Even those who oppose the government’s standards for party representation in parliament are divided. They are continually looking for methods to disrupt, which sovereigns and changers will not accept. As a result, the formation horizon will be closed, and presidential elections will be held.

According to sources, the two entitlements are indeed local, but foreign forces have a basic relationship with them, particularly the Presidency of the Republic, therefore Lebanon is presently on hold on the international-regional table.

First, there was the Russian conflict in Ukraine, then the Iranian nuclear problem, and finally the crises in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, including the Chinese issue. Even the problems in Syria and Iraq are no longer world priorities.

There will be no resolution in the files of the whole region, including Lebanon, until the Ukrainian situation is resolved and the US-Iran nuclear deal is reached.

According to the sources, Lebanon’s commitments can only be carried out with international agreement. The Lebanese will face difficult months between now and the achievement. Economic remedies, on the other hand, will only begin with a new government.

  • Sawt Beirut International