| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanese kidnapped, and Hezbollah won’t release them

As more time passes on the Lebanese-Gulf crisis, matters get more difficult for Lebanon, while the state, or what remains of it, over it, stands helpless because of Hezbollah’s hegemony, as it does not have the keys to a solution. everytime there is a breakthrough, it will behindered by Hezbollah. However, there is no state in Lebanon, no president of the republic, no prime minister, nor a speaker of Parliament, and the one ruling Lebanon, is this small soldier in Wilayat al-Faqih Hassan Nasrallah, this is how he called himself when he said, “I am proud to be a small soldier in Wilayat al-Faqih.”
In light of these facts, the fate of the Lebanese in Lebanon and the Gulf is at stake, as they have no one to take care of them and preserve their interests and livelihood, because Hezbollah controls the fate of all of us, while taking us hostages without ransom, and he will not accept to release us no matter how critical the crisis gets.
Sources from behind the scenes of the Gulf Cooperation Council, tells “ Sawt Beirut International” that there are no signs or positive signals from Lebanon in order to build on, or at least to ease the escalating pace that the Gulf countries intend to take, and things are unfortunately going towards taking more measures, that Lebanon would rather spare, especially at this difficult stage.
The sources say, that “The Gulf Cooperation Council” countries are full aware that Hezbollah controlls Lebanon, but the new crisis came to confirm that the current state in Lebanon from the presidency to the government and all components of the ruling authority, are completely subject to the party and its dictates, that come directly from the Supreme Leader of the Mullah regime in Tehran “Ali Khamenei”.
In a related context, the sources indicate that the Lebanese people are being subjected to a major, unrelenting kidnapping by Hezbollah, which acts for Iran’s interests, and does not take into account the interests of thousands of Lebanese families living in the Gulf states.
It also confirm that the Gulf countries are now looking at the Lebanese authority as a system subordinate to Hezbollah, and President Michel Aoun has not moved one iota in the direction of finding solutions as he intends to nominate his son-in-law to the presidency, and this was evident in Representative Gobran Bassil’s statement to “Al-Qabas” newspaper, where he considered that Saudi Arabia had used the statements of Minister of Information Georges Qrdahi as a pretext, and this is not true, because the Gulf cooperation has been monitoring Bassil’s Gulf policy since he took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and most of his stances were in line with the interest of Hezbollah, and despite that, the Gulf countries did not issue any stance against Lebanon and they understood Lebanon’s position, but when the official Lebanon rewards good deeds with sending drugs, here all stances get suspended and diplomatic distances are shortened, and strict measures become necessary, still, the state did not take any action against Hezbollah, Consequently, the Gulf Cooperation Council acted to preserve the security of the Gulf states.