| 26 July 2021, Monday |

Lebanon: Agreement failure or new settlement?

After the failure of the agreement between Aoun and Hariri, and between Aoun and Geagea as well, there is no doubt anymore that the settlement that Geagea and Hariri made with Aoun, and therefore with Hezbollah militia, was a huge strategic fault.

This political mistake has drove the country to an unprecedented political and economic collapse. There are fears from a new settlement with Hezbollah under the pretext of ending this collapse.

The upcoming settlement, which will come at the expense of Beirut Port’s victims, additional collapse, and trapping people’s deposits in banks, is an insulting settlement to all Lebanese. It has become obvious that President Michel Aoun represents Iran rather than Lebanon, the free and independent country. Therefore, calling for his resignation does not mean attacking the Presidential position.

All religious and sectarian considerations fall before Lebanon and its Arab affiliation. Michel Aoun and Hezbollah are similar and remain the main reason of Lebanon’s destruction. There are two approaches in Lebanon today: the majority approach, whose battles are for propaganda, and for authority and have parliamentary, ministerial, presidential and functional targets. The minority approach, whose battles are structural, intellectual, and cultural, and whose goals are national, and sovereign.

The solution begins by transforming the majority approach into a minority and the minority approach into a majority, so that the voice of reason and logic becomes dominant, and Lebanon resorts to the constitution and international norms. The international community’s stance on Hariri’s apology is not pleasing, as it is obvious that Paris and Washington still bet on the current political system, and consider that solutions are dependent on its pillars.

These international positions serve as a wake-up call to the Lebanese that the decision makers cover the logic of internal settlements as a translation of foreign deals. This coverage contributes negatively to strengthening Iran’s influence in Lebanon. There are those who say: The international community is dealing with a lot of caution in a complex transitional phase, and as for the settlements, their fate is linked to the parliamentary elections and their results, otherwise the confrontation will take another turn in Lebanon.

Lebanon collapsed and fell into the clutches of the Khomeini mullahs’ republic, as a result of the settlements that were supposed to be put to an end after the Cedar Revolution and after restoring the country’s from Bachar Al-Assad regime.

If they want settlements, then the Lebanese sovereign people, the resistance fighter, wants the solution stipulated in the constitution and international resolution 1559, and the demilitarization of the Hezbollah militia as soon as possible in Lebanon.