| 20 October 2021, Wednesday |

Lebanon and International Endeavors

As long as Iran’s hegemony, through its militias, is still advancing, at the expense of the authority of the constitution, which tasks are completely on hold, all international efforts for Lebanon will remain pointless, and all the reforms required by the states as a condition for providing support, will be fruitless in the shadow Hezbollah’s control, which failed to play the role of the alternative, obstructed the work of the institutions and banned them from their achieving their care and protection tasks.

The targeting of vital sectors such as money, education and health is but a hellish scheme target. The aim of that scheme is not only to besiege the Lebanese citizen, but to isolate and impoverish the Lebanese state. and the most dangerous of all, is seeking and that is the work to dissolve the Lebanese identity which contradicts Hezbollah’ ideology, which is leading a fierce coup today.

The international support for Lebanon will not exceed securing food, medicine and some basic necessities through unofficial sources in order to survive, and not to collapse in a complete and obvious way, but the strategic support for economic and financial advancement and recovery, will be postponed until after the presidential elections, with radical and transparent reforms’ conditions, under the direct supervision of the international community.

What used to work years ago, in order to save Lebanon economically and financially, such as the CEDRE conference and such, no longer works now, because the change of standards and circumstances made these plans invalid, as infrastructure projects are now considered as luxury, and the collapsed situation imposed a new reality, where priority is to pay attention to humanitarian and social aspects, such as health, education, energy, medicine, bread, etc.

Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of the Aounist affiliated with Hezbollah ministers’ level of operational, livelihood and economic knowledge, do not exist, and their efforts are limited only to stories and bureaucracies. And no government or authority can stop the collapse of the financial and banking sectors, except with the recognition of losses, and restructuring  of those two sectors, amid fair distribution. There is no economy, no normal financial cycle, and there is no advancement except by the presence of effective banks that have real money and operate away from the agendas of corrupt money and suspicious deals of Hezbollah’s militia and Iran.