| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

Lebanon, and Michel Aoun’s odd and weired Evidences

Iran is still holding Lebanon as the most profitable card, through an illegal militia that squats behind a Christian crane, the Free Patriotic Movement, which bears a joint responsibility with the militia, for all the damage inflicted on Lebanon.
Unfortunately, it is a mosaic similar to the Iranian-Syrian alignment, and the uprising of Lebanese public opinion alone, can bring down Iran’s hegemony, because this hegemony, which Hassan Nasrallah denies and considers ridiculous, is a defacto, and once again Hezbollah accuses the Lebanese Forces of the Tayouneh events, and this media accusation is false, because the people defended themselves in civilian neighborhoods, in the face of an aggression that clearly paves the way for a security incidentd under the pretext of revenge.
As a well-known Lebanese politician demands the Arab press, when they use the word “Lebanese Hezbollah”, to be precise, For when they talk about the party’s participation in fighting Yemen, for example, they should say that the Party’s members are soldiers in “Wilayat Al-Faqih” as its leader says, and that they are not Lebanese, because they are commanded by the Iranian revolutionary guards.
President Aoun demands that the World Food Program (WFP) approve the program in its work to reach the goal of helping 1.6 million Lebanese next May, so it was easier for His Excellency to beg for feeding more than 74% of the Lebanese people, than to ask the Shiite duo to allow the Council of Ministers, to convene.
President Aoun confides to the ambassadors he met, that Hezbollah did not attack them despite their governments’ classification of it as a terrorist organization, and says that this is an evidence of this party’s civility and splendor, and it is not surprising that Michel Aoun praises this armed and bloody party, as he sees it as the ally party. He considers that Iran is a safety valve for Lebanon’s stability, and that Hezbollah is a political component in Lebanon. What is Hezbollah, which is armed with Iran’s weapons, planning, when it warns those allied with the Lebanese forces? And where will he reach with it wickedness? It is a militia that destroyed the judiciary, the economy and Lebanon’s relations with the Arab countries.
And what is the deputy leader of the party who killed the martyred Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, threatening the symbols of March 14, the children of Syria and everyone who opposes him with? No doubt, he has bad intentions for Lebanon and its people in the coming days, so is there a deterrent?
Moreover, the successive events in Lebanon continue as part of an infernal scheme that aims to bring Lebanon to its knees, in light of suspicious activities and founding movements in the region, that foretell imminent dangers, and it is feared that Lebanon will be the scapegoat and the victim.
And it is no coincidence that the consecutive falling apart of all sectors, is leading to Beirut’s full Beirut’s decomposition. This downfall is systematic for the fall of Lebanon’s civilization and prosperity, and for Hezbollah’s control over everything.
It has become certain that Aoun, in coordination with Hezbollah, wants to sabotage the elections under false pretexts, and their fear of what his reign has inflicted upon the Lebanese. This covenant has made Michel Aoun runs forward, in accordance with a formuls, that either Gobran wins the elections, or no elections, and subsequently either Gobran be a president, or the presidency will saty vacant.