| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanon, and Mikati’s grief

Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s sorrow due to the Iranian oil that Hezbollah’s imported into Lebanon and its violation of sovereignty is not necessary. Citizens may be sad for this decision, but officials are required to act, initiate, and even punish.

The prime minister is supposed to run the state and prevent any violation on its sovereignty and should be eager to implement the laws, however his sadness and regret confirm that his government is governed by the militia and the game has become open.

Through this government, the ruling parties have renewed their presence in corruption, and Hezbollah’s organization has extended in the state, and the ruler has set a dividing wall that separates him from people. He will seek to position himself in the arms of the Syrian regime, which is active through its agents who are planting deputies and ministers in the composition of the state. Lebanon is required again to protect its entity from the Persians and their allies.

Perhaps the evils of the current rulers lead the country towards total loss based on the equations of qualitative saboteurs who play the role of the front lines for their sectarian masters who openly support Iran. Even the upcoming ministerial statement of the Mikati government appeases Hezbollah by acknowledging the existence of occupied lands and the right of citizens to resist, as claimed and alleged. This confirms that the government is the municipal council of Greater Lebanon, while the political decision is in the hands of Iran.

Prime Minister Mikati’s government announced, through its silence, the content of the ministerial statement. So, it is a government that does not dare to oppose Hezbollah’s oil abuses on the borders. While its opposition is the right thing to do at this dangerous time for a country like Lebanon to avoid surrendering to Iran’s ambitions, because the national consensus is enough to confront the ambitions.

Dealing with Prime Minister Mikati’s government does not tolerate being grey, but rather it must be on the basis of either participation or opposition. Lebanon cannot tolerate what it witnesses every day, especially the import of Iranian oil under the eyes of President Mikati.

The civil rush towards the elections in Lebanon is funny, either these impulsive associations do not know Lebanon, or they are managed by international intelligence services that directs them towards specific addresses and deviate them from other addresses such as Hezbollah’s weapons.

The parliamentary elections in Lebanon are a big lie under the Iranian occupation. Rather, it is a big lie in everything because the occupation, which perpetuated the equations of destruction, will bring saboteurs within new contexts to complete the tasks.

  • Sawt Beirut International