| 20 September 2021, Monday |

Lebanon, confession of total failure

The Lebanese  situation descends to unimaginable levels in terms of form and content, as the authority’s power to bring people to the bottom, is the ability of a professional in corruption, while Hezbollah’s militia exposes millions of Lebanese to death, the last of which, is the Iranian fuel entry into Lebanon, which has become a playground For the quarrels between the two countries, under a fainting rule and a false witness to the fall of the Lebanese state.

Whoever will confront Hezbollah in Lebanon, must confront it as an Iranian wing and not as a Lebanese one, because Hezbollah’s members are tools for the advance of a hellish plan, and let people remember the day of the pledge of allegiance to Bashar al-Assad, on the Lebanese land, with the aim of dragging Lebanon into a hideous game. What happened in Shwayya recently is but  an encrypted message entitled: Hezbollah is rejected, and its absurd actions serve only Iran and its agendas, and Hezbollah, as it confiscates the economic decisions of the Lebanese, declares it openly that it represents the Persian occupier, and to Nasrallah, every Lebanese must say: The Iranians’ pictures on the airport road are a disgusting sight.

As for Michel Aoun’s covenant, it is the era of ruin. It is Aoun who bears the responsibility for the port explosion in the first place, as he is the President of the Republic and the ruler by order of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran inside Lebanon.

Unfortunately, the Lebanese are no longer living in a state, because if they are, then, the owner of the rocket launchers in Shwayya would have been tried, his missiles confiscated, and the leader referred to the judiciary on charges of endangering the security of Lebanon and the safety of its people. But unfortunately,  “Welcome to the Iranian Republic of Hezbollah, headed by Hassan Nasrallah, the actual ruler”. As for the other rulers, they are nothing but “extras”, and this is as clear and obvious as the sun.

‏ There is only one premise, for whoever governs and disrupt the formation of the government, quotas only, so the Lebanese catastrophe will not be curbed, as long as this mentality remains the ruling and controlling one. And returning to the priority of overthrowing the ruling system, it is the only useful thing, as it marginalizes the system of looting or quota

Anyone thinks that Michel Aoun will leave Baabda Palace at the end of his presidential term without handing over the presidency to his son-in-law, Gobran Bassil, is mistaken. Therefore, Aoun will refuse any governmental formation that is presented to him.

Eventually, Aoun will not accept undergoing any parliamentary elections, that does not result in his son-in-law being elected to the presidency. This is Aoun’s presidential agenda and this is his plan for governance, and in this matter the man is devoted to the principle, “Me first”.