| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Lebanon heading towards security deterioration


One can bear it all, except for hunger. Hunger has no religion, and fathers are now struck in a reality that requires them to secure their family’s livelihood, especially if there are children who need care and attention more than just milk and every day’s necessities.

How would a father secure livelihood after being unemployed due to the dire situation?

Fear of security deterioration has intensified where the situation could get uncontrollable, especially in light of the deteriorating condition security forces are living.

Amid depleted expectations of any political breakthrough, security officials are obsessed with the potential of a security loose which might worsen the situation, and consequently this will be reflected on the internal affairs, plus the fear of any uncontrollable developments in the streets.

Security sources revealed to “Sawt Beirut International”, that it is worried of an increase in violence due to the dire economic situation, and fear that Lebanon could face more deterioration because of the soaring exchange rate.

The same sources pointed out that matters are heading towards chaos, sabotage and the use of weapons on the streets, plus looting, theft and settling accounts, with the pretext of the increase of dollar exchange rate and  high living cost , and all this under the guise of implementing political agendas that serve the interests of Lebanon’s enemies.

It also confirmed that security services’ capabilities has stepped back immensely because of the economic situations, as there are broken vehicles that can’t be fixed, plus a shortage in equipment adding to it the fuel crises , where it can scarcely get the material, not to mention the services officers and soldiers used to get and their salary which has lost 80% of its value. All these aspects affect security services which need certain conditions for fulfilling their duties.

Amidst this tense atmosphere, there will be no solutions unless all Lebanese are united under the army’s auspices, which is the only remaining strong pillar in Lebanon, in order to overcome this dire situation.