| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Lebanon is an isolated outcasted axis. Nasrallah, what have you done?


Surfing Arabic news websites and not finding a single post about Lebanon, means only one thing, we no longer exist within the Arabic countries interests, and this also means that Lebanon is outside Arab agendas that they no longer pay attention to what is happening in Lebanon as a result of the ruling class behavior.

The main reason, is the intransigence and the long distance between the official Lebanon and the Arab and Gulf countries. Hezbollah has left us with no friend, or brother. It flooded Saudi Arabia with drugs, sent its mercenaries to Yemen to fight the Arabs instead of fighting Israel, and established cells in Bahrain to destabilize the Gulf countries and forgot all about the Palestinian issue, which was the basis of its foundation.

What Lebanon is going through, is a literal existential dilemma, with all its political, social, economic and institutional risks. Those Signs of danger to its existence as a state in both its political and economic sense, are manifested through the existence of a political class that is unable to act.

And while waiting for external economic rescue scenarios, none of which has been clarified so far, the Lebanese interior is witnessing an unprecedent crisis.

The axis of resistance did not leave an outlet for Lebanon, while the Syrian axis is mired in wars, the Iranian one is going through an economic crisis. None of Nasrallah’s friends can help him, but still, he keeps on raising a finger, and threatening to bring Iranian oil and supply Lebanon with electricity, as if he is not aware of the protests taking place in Iran and the power cut-offs.

All what Iran did, was providing Hezbollah with weapons to kill the Arabs not Israel, and flared up wars in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iraq to serve its nuclear greed and to extend its influence in the Middle East.

Unlike the Arab and Gulf countries, Iran has never sided with Lebanon, but rather was a  destabilizing factor, always siding with terrorist list militia , and this is the result of Hezbollah’s behavior and its subordination to Khamenei.

Wretched is an axis that transferred Lebanon into an isolated island far from its brothers who always seek for its own good, as all they want is for Lebanon to develop, led by Saudi Arabia who has always extended its hand to Lebanon and the Lebanese.