| 19 September 2021, Sunday |

Lebanon is bearing more than enough.

Lebanon, which is living today its worst days, has no fault as a people and a state to be a victim of Iran’s malicious project, an extremist Iranian government agenda, the absurdity of a treacherous militia, and the actions of a thieving political junta rooted in corruption

Lebanon, the country of Fairuz, Rahbaniis , science, tourism, Rafik Hariri, economy and media openness, has turned Today into a bad version of a closed country like Iran, as a result of sanctions, isolation and the reluctance of countries to help it .

It is always referred to The Lebanese as a ” Lebanon” because he is diligent in all the countries of expatriation he travels to , and in spite of that, the Lebanese is suffering and finding  no one to stand by his side, because his state is deprived of its will, and at the same time it is not possible to reform the country with a push of a button, and moreover, its rulers are incautious and stray.

As the crises in several countries are heading towards solutions, there is not any looming hope in Lebanon’s horizon, to give the Lebanese the optimism required for a better tomorrow. Tehran wants Lebanon to be part of a possible deal with America.

And the breaking news from Lebanon every day raises sorrows and grief to many who love Lebanon in various parts of the world, especially since the dear Lebanese citizen was humiliated by an authority that cares for nothing but its gains, and the pillars care for nothing but their personal interests

In the new events in Lebanon, there are those who charged the visit of the Hezbollah delegation to Moscow with strategic Lebanese and regional backgrounds, while the visit is merely political tourism because Moscow is discusses strategies with Tehran, not with Hezbollah.

Moscow has settled the situation militarily in Syria, but  has failed to sponsor a political and economic solution, and the solution in Lebanon passes through Riyadh and Washington, and not through other capitals, so the choice of the Lebanese converges with those who helped them and stood by them and not those who destroyed them

Every occupation destroys the middle class and impoverishes the people so that man’s concern becomes for his livelihood and not his political rights in a sovereign state. Because of hunger, people revolt against the power that the occupation brought instead of resisting the occupation itself. This is unfortunately the case in Lebanon

Overcoming the economic crisis is with resistance that displaces the occupation, and not by a revolution that replaces power with another brought about by the hateful Iranian occupation, and this is what Bahaa Hariri also warned about in his new stances and important interviews.

The dates may change, names change, faces disappear, other faces appear, and the list of martyrs resisting the occupations grows, but the civil resistance continues this time in the face of the Iranian occupation weapon in order to preserve civilization and prevent history falsification, leading to liberation and restoring the sovereignty of Lebanon and the dignity of all the Lebanese.