| 4 December 2022, Sunday |

Lebanon is not an electoral office for Bashar Al-Assad

It is the rudeness in its best possible way, when the followers of Bashar al-Assad are interested in electing him disguised as “displaced syrian”. They run like sheep towards the embassy of the Syrian regime. This is unacceptable, especially after the war crimes committed by the regime against its people and the Lebanese people.

It is unacceptable for the criminal Bashar al-Assad to be elected from the Lebanese territories that have suffered from the Syrian occupation, and have experienced murder, assassinations, abuse, kidnapping and arrest.

The followers of Bashar al-Assad are not displaced, but rather time bombs placed as a deposit in Lebanon, which is a thorn in the side to the liberals who reject this defunct regime.

The caretaker government should activate the work of the ministerial committee entrusted with the file of the displaced and immediately start implementing more than one existing plan for the return of these people because they do not deserve the title of displaced people. The one who fled the oppression of the regime are welcome, and those who re-elect the criminal must leave Lebanon immediately.

And what a far-from-democratic farcical scene of an imaginary competition. The convoys of followers wait and buses are coming from the Bekaa, claiming displacement and calling on the international community to support them with dollars while they are an additional burden on Lebanon’s ailing economy. The stay of the Syrians who support the Syrian regime on our lands is only for commercial displacement. As for those in the Lebanese authority who were enthusiastic about normalizing relations with the Syrian regime under the pretext of the displaced returning, their attempts to barter and serve the regime have not succeeded, so he must deport the displaced without a price and leave with them.

And let the Syrian regime hear well, as the Emigrants Castle road will not pass from Lebanon, and there is free blood that flowed in order to expel the Syrian army from Lebanon.

Bashar al-Assad will not return to Lebanon, and his pictures will not be raised in the free zones of Lebanon that have revolted against this regime.

Years of occupation are over, and some inside the country still thirst for dependency, betting on an evanescent system to improve its desperate political conditions, thinking that the days of the “Borivaj” are back, and that the dream of Anjar will return again.

The Syrian regime died, and the Lebanese declared his death, and the souls of the March 14 martyrs rose up and brought the Assad army under its feet and its remains that sprang up a revolution in 2005.

  • Sawt Beirut International