| 27 September 2021, Monday |

Lebanon is the sole country in the world ruled by a militia

While the economic and social crises escalate in Lebanon some parties are building their political presence by creating associates and cronies in the state administrations to start launching the employment process for their electoral battle. In order to strengthen their position and support their presence, especially since whoever gives his hand in the state has become dislodged and his departure from it will end the fake power, and this is the case for a large number of the pillars of the corrupt authority in Lebanon.

In order to go towards a Lebanese front that puts an end to Iran in Lebanon, the loyal popular and national forces must agree. Lebanon today is facing a government of obstruction, and there is nothing positive in this government at all, and the Free Patriotic Movement in the country will not be worried about the growth and expansion of the Lebanese popular forces, because it is a real stream to restore the country’s sovereignty, and to live under the sway of Hassan Nasrallah is a bill that everyone knows, it is the bill of daily death.

Hezbollah began to feel the wrath of poverty and destitution in its environment, and Shiite matters began to slip away, and this party began to hold the entire Lebanese state. Welcome to the Republic of Hezbollah is the slogan that is raised and applied, and the Lebanese today are victims of an entire political system, which has worked for years to plunder and rob a decent life But, above all else, Lebanon is a victim of the alliance between Hezbollah and the Orange Movement.

This resulted in the presidency of the father in law and preparation for the presidency of the son-in-law, for which the Lebanese today are paying dearly with their lives, and the Aounist-Mikati’s government may implement most of the international conditions to receive the support, but it will certainly be unable to implement the most important condition for fighting corruption.

This is impossible for this government, as long as it was created from the same political quotas. Those responsible for corruption cannot combat it, but rather, they seek to protect and legalize it, which is what will happen.

There is no doubt that Lebanon has entered the presidential race a year before the end of the ‘strong mandate’. The dispute that has intensified over the government, and the worrying possibilities about derailing the parliamentary elections are an essential part of the battle for the presidency.

As a result of the father and brother-in-law getting the third veto power, the FPM felt a surplus of power, in a cheap imitation of their yellow ally. Hence, the orange frenzy to defend their ministers in any way, and the ministerial quota of the covenant exceeded ten ministers, in which he put all his weight and might and his begging for the party, because it will be his last platform towards a significant parliamentary share and towards a presidential mandate for the son-in-law.