| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Lebanon practice’s heresy of disrupting constitution

Some consider the designated president’s words against  the person of the president of republic, as an unprecedented attack, even though the designated president and his political team, and under submission to Hezbollah militia’s desire , supported the option of that axis to deliver Aoun to presidency.

And since communication between the man and the parliament dominated by Hezbollah and its allies was cut off, the political scene is completely different from this alleged clash.

Just as Aoun is addicted to disrupting the constitution by practice, as the president-designate said in his speech to the parliament, the president-designate himself has the habit of turning around the bush, and make concessions that have cost Lebanese a lot, especially the Sunni component that he claims to represent.

The order was issued from Tehran, to direct this meager play, according to which Hezbollah stands on neutrality, in a time when Nabih Berri and his movement, which is identical in its alliance with Hezbollah, become the main support for the president-designate in his difficult and nearly impossible mission in forming any government.

But the most important question is, what prompted Iran to take such a decision against Lebanon at this time? The answer, without any doubt, lies within the difficult negotiations going on between the West and Tehran. The government in Lebanon and its formation are just a negotiating card, the Iranians want to grant Biden in case of lifting sanctions.

Lebanon, people and state, will not be safe from the fluctuations, and the Sunnis, through their share represented by this important presidency, are blown in the winds of international disputes. There is no government on the horizon and no facilitation of the formation process soon.

The real solution is restricted to the Lebanese street’s choice, which is supposed to move strongly in the face of this political tampering practiced by the ruling class with all its  kinds, because this increasing absurdity threatens Lebanon’s entity.

New stances which have been announced from various sources, are of no use, as the crises in Lebanon are stifling, and the national currency is collapsing, and this status quo will remain in light of the push and pull game practiced by Baabda and Beit Al Wasat, under the governance of the suburb and its inhabitant in Haret Hreik Hassan Nasrallah.

Now, it has become too late to annex counter statements to a national issue. Instead there was Bkerki’s initiative launched by Cardinal Raii where he called for Lebanon’s neutralization and  an international conference in this regard , to be convened as soon as possible.

Another issue of no less importance, has a direct relation with the role of political forces outside the ruling authority, which must take the necessary choice to support the popular movement only. This movement is the only one capable of bringing Lebanon out of its crises, even in consecutive phases.