| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

Lebanon ruined by Hezbollah

From the Switzerland of the East, to a series of tensions and subjugation, this is how Lebanon has trensformed, to become a sphere for Iranian hegemony’s influence, governed by one of Iran’s foreign armies, “Hezbollah.” So, is the democratic republic threatened with demise?
Assassination of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, was the biggest catastrophe, and the begining of the fate that Lebanon has reached in terms of societal disintegration, and Hezbollah’s contolling the country and bringing it to where it is today. “The Islamic State’s project in Lebanon.” The crisis is rooted to the hegemony of the armed “Hezbollah” militia backed by Iran, which is the reason for continued instability.” And the martyrdom of Prime Minister Hariri was the gateway to their terrorism.
The Lebanese example is the most “successful” Iranian experiment. Within a few years, this civilized country turned into a media, political and military den, for the militia funded by the Iranian regime. Through which, the fighters moved to defend the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and through a platform based in the capital Beirut, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, threatened, and lied amid a political impotence, that paved the way for more progress of Iranian hegemony, and put Lebanon in a “square” called the Iranian axis of resistance. Its main mission is: Hostility to the Arab Gulf states, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Lebanon witnesses today a crisis, based on the dependence of its rulers on the Iranian axis, which resulted into the Lebanese plunge into economic, social and financial collapse, and this in particular led Lebanon to social disintegration and Iranian hegemony, which content is nothing but ruin and devastation.
In the end, if Lebanon or the Lebanese constitutional institution, want to be liberated it from the current political structure that strengthens the hegemony of the “Hezbollah militia,” it must get rid of the current political group, and revolutionize the rest of the state, to restore its full legitimacy. It is either a constitutional state based on the legitimacy of its institutions and judiciary, or demise.