| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Lebanon towards complete collapse and Washington focusing on Lebanese army

Lebanon’s ruling class has become out of the influential countries’ equation, as the latter is focusing now on a completely different direction. Hopes of forming a government has vanished, and the pressure exerted by France on the politicians (who refuted their promises) was useless, and collapse is now inevitable.

The European efforts are now concentering on how to handle the current collapse and its negative percussions on the Lebanese people who are paying the price of their ruling authorities’ behavior. Observing sources point out that total collapse’s phase completely differs from what we are witnessing today, as fuel is still available, and medicines- although of market shortage- are being delivered occasionally even in small quantities.

Sources confirm to “Sawt Beirut International” that Collapse’s next stage is very severe, as Lebanon is rapidly heading towards complete economic deterioration, the available money allocated to buy fuel is not enough, and gasoline is heading towards the same direction, and pharmaceutical companies have been unable to import medicines due to dollar shortage. The state institutions, including ministries and departments, are completely bankrupt and thus unable to meet the Lebanese people’s needs.

It adds that “European countries are currently working on how to send aid through trusted associations and NGOs, in order to alleviate Lebanese suffering,” noting that this aid will be restricted to medical and food only, which means a severe crisis is waiting for the Lebanese ahead.

On the other hand, and in parallel with the European aid, Washington is worried about a security collapse in Lebanon due to the economic one, and thus, entrusting in the military institution as the final rescue means for Lebanon.

The same sources reveal that the Biden Administration, and contrary to what some may think, is relying on the military institution, and it is about to set a comprehensive plan to help the army fulfill its mission vis a vis controlling the security status in case of collapse, and not to leave the country as a prey for regional countries which may interfere to benefit from its situation. And Biden’s Administration is very serious in its investment in the army, because Lebanon’s security’s collapse effects negatively the Middle Eastern security, especially with the Iranian seeking to take advantage of collapsing countries in order to wide spread its influence in the Middle East.

The decision was made by the American administration, and jeopardizing the security status in Lebanon is forbidden and it will not allow it. Consequently, the bet remains on the unifying military establishment for all Lebanese.