| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Lebanon will never prosper in the presence of Hezbollah

The Lebanese are suffering to the point of suffocation, several crises afflicting them and their country, and the only reason for all this suffering is the Iranian presence from which the sources of our tragedy i.e. Hezbollah, where several countries are working resolutely to sever the ties of this terrorist organization as an important step to promote peace around the world.

Hezbollah does not decide on major confrontations if it is not in Iran’s service, and the “lack of understanding” between the Lebanese and Hezbollah has deepened, with its influence appearing in direct clashes erupting. Every day, cancerous tumors threaten the country’s life and existence.

Hezbollah has lost his credibility and has devolved into a farce. The resistance’s legitimacy fell along with it, as it repeatedly used its weapons against the Lebanese, particularly on May 7 and in the recent events of Tayouneh, where it nearly pulled Lebanon into a new civil war, rather than standing firm in the face of abuses. From the beginning of 1982 to the present, Lebanon has been a sovereign state. As a result, anyone looking into the roots of Lebanon’s crises and conflicts will see that they frequently spring from the Iranian suburb, revealing and confirming their involvement and relationship with the country’s destructive project.

Hassan Nasrallah’s actions nowadays are purely a political coup against legitimacy and, as is customary, the implementation of external forces’ agendas at the expense of the Lebanese people. It was evident that using threats and warnings would only aggravate the situation in Lebanon, where the country’s fate has always been under the control of one group or another, and the country will never prosper as long as Hezbollah is in power.

  • Sawt Beirut International