| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Lebanon within Aoun’s era, a failed republic

The Lebanese Republic has become an easy prey for Iran. Perhaps the giant pictures of the Iranian leaders and sheikhs that decorate the airport road in Beirut, reflect the hegemony of its militias operating in Lebanon, which in their position and control are similar to the Revolutionary Guards. These militias only lack a republican decree to legitimize their function and role, as Iran does not only impose its control over Lebanon, but drains all its resources.

The ministerial delegations that are visiting Damascus under the pretext of either discussing the Syrian refugee file, or extracting energy, are all useless.  These delegations did not try even to ask Bashar al-Assad on the fate of 622 Lebanese who were kidnapped in his horrific prison cells, and he hid their memory and no longer recognized them. Normalizing relations with the Assad regime do not serve Lebanon.

It is a failed, weak, and conniving government and not a ruler, and it is an authority that strives to destroy Lebanon with all its might. In fact, this ruling is not ashamed of committing major sins against people every day. The actual ruler in Lebanon is Hassan Nasrallah, who uses the powers of President Michel Aoun, leads Lebanese to hunger, and misleads them of unrealistic victories, as they did in the July war of 2006.

What worsens the situation in Lebanon is lying at people and giving them false promises, that have no basis at all, and cannot be achieved. The International events will not make Lebanon late on the agendas of international decision-makers.

A European delegation visited Lebanon, which may be a new indication that the European Union cares about Lebanon and wants to impose quick sanctions on those obstructing political life.

These sanctions would help Lebanon before the parliamentary elections, which the corrupt authority is preparing to be the ideal model for rehabilitating corruption that corroded the state. Another front has been opened to the people in exchange for acquiescing to the equation of corruption rooted in the hearts of these rulers who do not care about the future and are looking for their interests in any way and through illegal means.

  • Sawt Beirut International