| 15 June 2021, Tuesday | النسخة العربية

Lebanon’s black covenant

It is of logical classification, to describe President Michel Aoun’s era with “The black covenant”. Especially since its leader, Aoun himself, preached and still preaching people every day with “the hell” which is annulling any ambition to save Lebanon.

On the political level, this era deals with everyone, except for Hezbollah, with the logic of black hatred that fills adviser’s souls who rule Baabda, at a time when Aoun is living in an unstable health condition, according to the insiders.

As for domestic policies, this covenant is taking revenge of all opponents and even allies, for examples, it launched a coup against those who helped Aoun in taking over presidency

And the biggest evidence today is the conflict between President Aoun and the designated prime president, noting that the later and his political team were the ones who paved the way for Aoun, and violated people’s demands and aspirations.

All the given data be listed in this black covenant’s calendar, show the recipient a clear indication that Aoun is working on worsening the relations between Lebanon and his Arab neighbors, and his constant bet is on Iran and its tools, so that his son-in-law Gebran Bassil will reach the presidency in Lebanon.

And the theatrical play of allowing some Syrians to practice “bullying” inside Lebanon, in order to participate in the so-called presidential elections in Syria, it is worth noting that the “devices” who were notified of this scene were receiving orders from Aounist Baabda to facilitate the task of the Syrian “bullies”

The black era in Lebanon is also reflected in its bad practices within the economic structure, as the national currency is witnessing its worst days as a result of illogical economic experiences that ultimately led to complete paralysis in all relevant state’s institutions.

It is also determined on engaging in endless conflicts when it comes to the corruption of its symbols, and even the constitutional transgressions that are being talked about are major damages that are intended to be a constitutional norm, adopted by the Aounists.

The more the Aounist officials increase their media appearences, the more they expose themselves with dramatic political, national and ethical fall of this party,as they need to generalize Gilbert Zwain’s experience in silence, because it remains better and much more noble than their words.

The pre-Islamic Aounist black era does not represent Lebanon nor does it convey any close picture of the future of Lebanon, as it is an intruder era that those who live in Lebanon do not aspire to exist, so how can Aoun bet on the continuation of this legacy by bringing Gebran Bassil as a new president?

During this black era, the Lebanese society disintegrated, and the relationship between people’s components of reached a deplorable status , for differences and hatreds are the fastest way, Aoun and his team take,  to make the Lebanese people forget diaries of extreme poverty and the lack of cash flow for middle and poor families’ details.