| 16 June 2021, Wednesday | النسخة العربية

Lebanon’s new turmoil

Between the policy of “me or no one”, or else, collapse and chaos, a new reality emerges in Lebanon, which is the concept’s reinforcement of public threat of assassination and murder by militias backed by Hezbollah.

And between “your turn is next, Samir Geagea” accompanied with Syrian intelligence bullying and provocations, fear for Lebanon is escalating, and it is difficult to expect restoring a republic based on constitution if the new chaos prevails.

If Lebanese decide, that no matter how strong these militias are with all their weapons and rogues, and their role as Iranian tools is temporary and will never last, then the Iranian domination will end.

The problem of the President of Republic in Lebanon, is that he is a prisoner of the past, and he lives in a state of denial and does not have any vision for the future and has  learned nothing from his experiences, but the biggest knot is the destructive legacy of this president, destruction he had caused and will still be causing starting from abolition war to open wars till this day

Few days ago, Gebran Bassil said at the Parliament, that his, and President Aoun’s goal “is not to remove the mandate from designated one”, alleging that he does not want to strip the prime ministry’s powers. But Aounists games brought back to mind Aoun’s failed history.

The Real dispute between Iran and Israel, is just a border conflict, and not an existential struggle, in contrast to all Iranian and Israeli slogans. Unfortunately, this border line they have been negotiating for years, is merged with Arab’s blood, future, and what is left of Arab’s land. And there are still in Lebanon those who do not want to understand these facts.

What concerns the Lebanese today is moving away from the Muslim-Christian sectarian division regarding the message of the President of Republic to the Parliament . while highlighting on Christians who do not support the Aounist movement, especially the Lebanese Forces, and defending the constitution and Taif, is a national responsibility.

Some Patriots talk about the necessity of surpassing sectarianism, showed that sectarianism division is gone for good. But fire is under ash and provoking issues that might explode the livelihood, social and political congestion in a direction confined to Islam and Christianity, will lead to Lebanon’s explosion. And Lebanon’s salvation cannot be achieved except by Aoun’s resignation.

If sectarian mobilization swells, Lebanon will face a battle for regime change, not by parliamentary elections, but perhaps by violence.
The Lebanese, and the Christians in particular, are called upon to repudiate Aoun and his team

And because any deviation from Taif and against Taif means, by definition, the transition from half to triple and from co-existence to cohabitation. And his Excellency the President, whose is “flooding” people with promises, is the one who feeds sectarian tension with his irresponsible actions.

There is a big difference in Lebanon between wishes and reality. It is the citizen’s right to wish and the duty of the responsible to think about the citizen’s interest and explain reality on credible basis and not to gain popularity, but unfortunately, Lebanon’s reality is full of omens.