| 27 May 2024, Monday |

“Loyalty to Resistance” at the expense of people: Iran or Hell?

As the citizen lives a historical crisis on all life level, where its main cause and repercussions are the hegemony of Hezbollah militia over the national decision, a member of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah appeared during a “popular talk” meeting – according to narrators – in the southern town of Sultaniya In order for the Lebanese segment to be fascinated there by a novel based on an “illusion” that falls under “If it wasn’t for Hezbollah.” But is it still working?

Fadlallah stressed that “were it not for the presence of Hezbollah, we would have seen the magnitude of the catastrophic effects and repercussions on the citizens much greater than it is today, because the “alleged” party exists among the people on the social, economic, living and service levels with all its capabilities, and it is always trying to alleviate the burdens, ignoring that what we have reached today of “existential destruction” was caused by the Iranian rivalry and Hassan Nasrallah’s coverage of corruption through his representatives in exchange for his deals and bargaining to the satisfaction of his Iranian guardian.

In addition to his speech above, Fadlallah urged working on the government’s reform plan through Iranian exchange and dealing with the Persian Republic “economically” to improve the Lebanese situation, as if Iran was the “awaited Mahdi” according to Hezbollah representatives, and to mold the current situation to serve Iran and push Lebanon to accept what suffocates them. So, will the afflicted people fall into the nets of the Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei?

What some Lebanese and the Shiite faction of it do not realize, or do not want to realize, is that the Iranian danger is equivalent to the danger of the Israeli enemy, just as the Iranian aggression has turned Lebanon, the land of the cedars, into a confrontational state, despised by its Arab brothers, and the worst is yet to come.

As for Hezbollah militia, it fights in the region on behalf of Iran, and runs military and intelligence operations. And Iran has turned Lebanon into a center for managing its regional and international battles, by seizing the strategic decision of the Lebanese state.

Forcing the absence of the state, makes it fall in the grip of a project not like other projects, a project that affects the idea and entity of Lebanon, and abolishes Lebanon as the public has known it, since the establishment of the state of Greater Lebanon, as it destroys all the features of the country that was founded on the state of citizenship among Christians, Muslims and the rest of the sects, with an identity that exceeds religions and sects; national identity.

Iran, through its arm Hezbollah, the enabler and participant in corruption, engages, through in hostile actions against other countries that reject Khamenei’s terrorist plans, regardless of the consequences that these actions, and how Lebanon’s interests will be negatively affected.

Lebanon falls prey to Hezbollah militia, and Hezbollah has become a reality that is difficult to change, and Lebanon’s status as an occupied Iranian land portends the “hell” that President Michel Aoun, Hezbollah’s first ally, spoke about. This occupation is the first reason for the Lebanese suffering, and the presence of Hezbollah as an Iranian army in Lebanon is considered devastating. Iran is not interested in the establishment of Lebanon as a prosperous economic state, and Hezbollah is not truthful in its claims.

Hezbollah MPs, or as they call themselves “Loyalty to the Resistance,” may not be aware that a large part of the Lebanese people realize that resorting to Iran for the course of economic recovery, as they claim, is a well-thought-out plan to expand Persian influence in the region. A movie starring Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah soldier and representative of Iran in Lebanon, where the victim is an entire people thrown in hell.

  • Sawt Beirut International