| 22 June 2021, Tuesday | النسخة العربية

“Mafia” of pharmacies and drugs… much worse than politicians!

In Lebanon, not a single indicator shows that we live in dignity. At a time when citizens are in greatest need of drugs, while jumping from a pharmacy to another to check the availability of medicines, drugs’ shortage keeps worsening their pain.

Today, corruption has spread all over Lebanon, and has even reached pharmacies, where humanity should be the only thing that matters the most. While Lebanon is gradually sinking into crises of all types, pharmacies have agreed on one “password” as an answer to customers: the medicine is ‘unavailable’.

More than twenty pharmacies, and the result is one: “unavailable”. Not even a substitute for the prescribed medicine is accessible. However, the issue does not lie here. The problem is the way pharmacies deal with customers in such a way that if you’re their daily client, the medicine appears to be available out of a sudden. Not to forget to mention that some pharmacies are stacking medicines, “until further notice” …. All of this is causing rates to increase, and certain drugs are about to expire, which is another reason why pharmacists promote these goods and urge customers to purchase them at a very high cost.

A man went to a Lebanese pharmacy, asking for a medicine, but the response was: “Unavailable”. Then, a daily customer of this pharmacy asked for the same medicine: “Anything for you!” the pharmacist said.

Welcome to Lebanon, the homeland of the corrupt and the infidel merchants, the country’s mafia who are trafficking in the wellbeing of citizens who are now facing the most dangerous crises, all with an anonymous fate.

Who shall be held accountable and who’s in charge of monitoring? The answer is simple: “no one,” and why should anyone be kept responsible? The political class is fully satisfied with its behavior, and the people seem to be enjoying this. They do live in a coma, and humiliation has become a regular phenomenon.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity and ask politicians the following questions: What methods do you adopt to get medicines? Or that you’re struggling the same way people are, and on a daily basis, looking for one pill that will relieve your pain?

Thank you, pharmacists, for your out-of-date humanity. Thank you for quotas, corruption, and favoritism; It is unfortunate to say that “such pharmacies and pharmacists” have earned and deserved such a corrupt political class.