| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Mikati sources: Bassil will not get what he wants, Ministry of Foreign Affairs doesn’t belong to him

The consultations ended and the caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, was assigned to form a government, but the obstacles awaiting him are many, because the resident of the Baabda Palace received the demands paper of his son-in-law, Gebran Bassil, and the portfolios he wanted from her: Energy, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Social Affairs, in addition to the dismissal of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, and a basket of other appointments.

Bassil’s demands were rejected by Mikati earlier, and he rejects them today, and this rejection was a major reason for not naming the Strong Lebanon bloc to Mikati, and today Basil is trying to pressure the designated president to pass his demands again.

Sources close to Mikati confirm to  “Sawt Beirut International” website that he is comfortable and not in a hurry in the authorship, as he heads the caretaker government and considers it capable of passing the stage, there have been achievements, according to the sources, and the stage is delicate, and we have to pass the remaining period as President Aoun’s era.

The sources added, “Mikati will not sign Bassil’s demands paper at any cost, and will not submit to any provocation by the President of the Republic, and he was clear of his good intentions towards Baabda, but Aoun should exchange the same feeling and not put sticks in the wheels of composition, and accept the formation that Mikati is working on because it satisfies everyone and has a national interest, not a personal interest, and shares shared by Basil and Aoun.”

The sources pointed out that Hezbollah will not interfere, leaving the issue of authorship to Mikati, because Hezbollah knows that Bassil’s demands are not right, and they are demands that Bassil wants to increase the size of his influence that he lost after the parliamentary elections and will lose what remains of his influence with the end of the covenant.

The sources revealed that Bassil is not satisfied with the current Minister of Energy, Walid Fayyad, because he did not implement Basil’s demands to the letter, especially on the issue of the electricity plan that Mikati refused to pass as it is and made amendments to it, Bassil also wants the Ministry of Foreign Affairs personally, and this is not satisfied by Mikati, because Lebanon cannot tolerate any adventure that might harm the Lebanese-Saudi and Gulf relations again.

The sources consider that Bassil’s assumption of the Ministry of Energy may be seen by the Gulf countries as a challenge to them, Lebanon is in no need of external crises, there are many internal crises, and we have to solve them, and we do not lack other crises, and if Bassil wants to settle scores with America and lift sanctions against him, he should communicate with Washington and not use a ministerial position for his personal interests.


  • Sawt Beirut International