| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Mikati submits obedience to “Hezbollah” before designating him to form a government!

Before being designated for forming a government, Najib Mikati met with the Political Advisor to Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, Hussein al-Khalil where he submitted his obedience to the party and took instructions for the next stage.

The meeting between Mikati and al-Khalil was held in Ain al-Tineh on Saturday, in the presence of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. Al-Khalil has informed Mikati about Hezbollah’s decision to nominate him and facilitate the process of forming a government. He also provided him the plan that he should follow and reminded him that “Hezbollah” will always remain his reference.

It is not weird that Mikati is an ally for “Hezbollah”, even though he always tries to hide this reality. The Syrian regime allies are affiliated to Hezbollah, and whoever collected his wealth with the support of Assad and his assistants will keep this cover no matter what the cost.

Mikati will form a “Hezbollah” government, so how can Lebanon emerge from its crises? Didn’t the country reach to this deteriorating situation due to Hezbollah’s policies, its military role, and its terrorist activity. Hezbollah’s policies have lost Lebanon its investments and its good relations with Arab countries and destroyed the global confidence in it. It also led to economic, financial, and social collapse, where people are starving, and lacking medicine, as well as other vital services such as electricity, and water.

Lebanese are paying today the cost of Hezbollah’s policy, which controls the country’s politics, economy and security. Mikati is taking his orders from Hezbollah, which since 2005 has imposed its weapons on the ministerial statement. The acceptance of Hezbollah’s weapon is an integral part of getting the new government to Parliament to gain confidence.

On Monday 10:30 a.m., the binding parliamentary consultations will kick off at Baabda Palace. Mikati will receive the support of the former prime ministers, as well as the ‘Loyalty to Resistance’ bloc, the ‘Future Movement’ bloc, the ‘Democratic Gathering’, and ‘Development and Liberation’ bloc. He will also be named by the other blocs affiliated to Hezbollah, including the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and the Marada bloc, in addition to independent deputies affiliated with this axis.

On Monday, Mikati, who was the Prime Minister in November 2013, when the Rhosus ship entered Lebanon, carrying 2,750 tons of nitrates will be designated. Tomorrow, Hezbollah’s agent will be designated to form the government!

  • Sawt Beirut International