| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Mikati’s ambitions for government formation will end on August 4

“Aoun wants to save the country”, this phrase sums up the color of the government that Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati will form, especially since the consultations he held with former prime ministers are nothing more than formalities, because they are currently one group, in addition to meeting the parliamentary blocs, some of these meetings were “necessary.”

The ambitions of the designated prime minister are many, as he stated in a newspaper interview, but what he missed is the famous proverb: “not everything one wants is realized.” Of course, it must be reviewed, starting with the “truth” that he wants to reach, which is about the identity of who brought ammonium nitrate into the port. But its discovery entails another fact that must be revealed, which is related to whom allowed, facilitated, and covered these materials in the port from the time they entered until the explosion. This responsibility lies with many security officials and ministers who are fighting a fierce battle against lifting their immunity.

As for the technical government that he wants to form following the French initiative, this proposal didn’t work out for over a period of 9 months when Prime Minister Saad Hariri was in charge. The argument that “chemistry” wasn’t present between him and the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” Gibran Bassil. The Lebanese people and the country’s economy should not pay the price of this argument.

As for his relationship with “Hezbollah”, he stressed that he knows his limits, thus this matter needs clarification. How can he reconcile his choice of the Arabism of Lebanon and his failure to allow Lebanon to be a conduit for conspiracy against any Arab country?

As for the government formation and the correspondence to a large extent with President Michel Aoun on the governmental issue, he will be tied the guidelines that were set in the past. The same applies to the Covenant team despite the reluctance of the head of the “Strong Lebanon Bloc” to participate in the government. This is due to the decisions of the son-in-law related to the US sanctions that were imposed on him, and of course, to the file demarcation of the border that is still in his control. Therefore, he will not indulge in the government if it is born because he will be watching his opponents within the Christian environment. So he popularized the slogan of raising immunities on the issue of the port explosion and distanced himself from the ministerial quotas. But tomorrow is close. It’s either the government is formed before August 4, or things will explode.

  • Sawt Beirut International