| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Mikati’s government in the wind, French endeavor at deadlock

There are no solutions on the horizon, and if it exists it will be bitter for Prime Minister Najib Mikati and the team supporting Information Minister George Kordahi, who has raised recently the confrontation ceiling.

The Prime Minister has denounced the positions that offended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the last of which was from the Grand Serail and in the presence of Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib, who has worsened and exacerbated the situation with his leaked remarks.

According Sawt Beirut International (SBI) sources, Mikati is on the front of the confrontation.  President Michel Aoun dealt with the Saudi-Lebanese crisis in a neutral way, while Mikati has tried to appeal to Kordahi to resign, in order to restore relations with Saudi Arabia, but he did not succeed. Even the endeavors during his participation in the climate conference did not borne fruit. He is counting today on French intervention with the Kingdom, but it is certain that the fate of any attempt will fail because the crisis has transcended Kordahi’s abusive position.

The source added that Mikati suffered a major setback because the promises he made to open the gates of the Gulf has closed completely, and he was chosen to enhance the situation, but in light of this division this job was disrupted especially when his government ministers were chosen by the other team, specifically Gebran Bassil. This matter was announced by Interior Minister Judge Bassam Mawlawi during a media appearance.

The source said that Mikati will try to drain all his efforts in order to avoid resignation, which seems to be inevitable in light of the insistence of Minister Kordahi and “Hezbollah” not to give up “for free.” The question that arises: What are the costs that the party wants in return? Kordahi’s resignation, and if it happens, will it return the good Lebanese relations with the Arab Gulf states?

The source said, “The sword has gone ahead,” and everyone is looking for a way out, but it is not available, and the economic situation will continue to collapse as it casts a shadow over the “Hezbollah” environment, which relied on Iranian fuel to get it out of the living crisis, but the announcement of suspending fuel delivery was a shock to the beneficiaries.

The source assured that the government is in the wind, and Mikati will not be able to gather his ministers at the Grand Serail again, except within the conditions of the other team. Mikati’s betting on foreign promises and initiatives, especially the French, will not be successful, especially since it no longer has the luxury of time to achieve the reforms required by the IMF, since the state administrations began to collapse, warning of a halt.

  • Sawt Beirut International