| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Mikati’s government stands motionless! 

What is the final say of President Najib Mikati’s cabinet? What does it have to say about the proof of Hezbollah’s participation in Yemen and the use of its airport to attack Saudi Arabia?

Will President Mikati invite Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib to release a criticism and denunciation statement, as is customary? What was the point of “data diplomacy” if he had already done that?

From the resigned Minister of Information George Kordahi’s crisis to the crisis of smuggling Captagon into Gulf nations, alternately through pomegranate and lemon, to the network issue that was disclosed, whether in the Emirates, Kuwait, or Bahrain, Lebanon is in serious difficulty.

Throughout Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s tour of Gulf states and the statements issued after each stop, there was one word in the statements that did not change: that of Lebanon and Hezbollah’s role at the domestic level, as well as its interference in Gulf states and the issue of drug smuggling. President Mikati backed these stances, implying that, in principle, he supports the nations making such declarations against Hezbollah, despite the fact that the Gulf governments don’t care about theoretical remarks and prefer action and measures, which have yet to be delivered.
What advantage does it serve Prime Minister Mikati to be satisfied with comments of denunciation today, following the revelation of proof of Hezbollah’s participation in Yemen?

It has been proven that Hezbollah has its field and political “agenda”, at both the domestic and foreign levels, and does not care about the Lebanese government’s decisions. Accordingly, the upcoming developments will lead to more involvement in the Yemen war and more Captagon smuggling to the Gulf countries.

Those who refute the facts uncovered by coalition troops will undoubtedly come forward, but this denial does not change the fact that the Lebanese government has failed to prohibit Hezbollah from involving Lebanon in what it does not want.

The coalition dispelled any remaining suspicions by releasing proof demonstrating Hezbollah’s involvement in Yemen and the use of the airport to attack Saudi Arabia.

Hezbollah fighters are teaching the Houthi militia to organize marches, according to the coalition.

“The terrorist organization of Hezbollah has spread havoc in the region and over the globe, and it bears responsibility for targeting people in Saudi Arabia and Yemen,” stated the official spokesperson, Brigadier General Turki Al Maliki.

The Lebanese government stands motionless! What do you do in the face of deafening silence? How will it get out of this dilemma if it is unable to face Hezbollah and prevent it from carrying out its strikes in the Gulf?

  • Sawt Beirut International