| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Mikati’s governmental “together for rescue”, needs to be saved.


“Together for rescue” is the title of Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s government’s ministerial statement, and the question that arises, according to what an informed source told “Sawt Beirut International, is the following: “who will help President Mikati, to implement the rescue,  in light of the apparent contradiction between the components of the current authority, and the government which colors were clear, after its announcement from Baabda Palace, and the minister’s biographies, especially the sensitive portfolios, most notably works, foreign affairs and energy.

The source adds that the contradictions were shown quickly, and they preceded confidence, most notably, is the Iranian oil issue, as Iranian stances and clarifications varied regarding the response to the Prime Minister’s words, for what he considered a violation of sovereignty, while Iranian officials initially confirmed that a request was sent from the Lebanese authorities, then clarifications were finally awarded to Lebanese importers, but everyone knows that the decision to import, was issued from Haret Hreik.

The source continues, that the party’s allies did not issue a clear stance in this regard, and even the head of “Free Patriotic Movement’s” speech, during the confidence session was devoid of any reference to Iranian oil, and he only mentioned Iraqi oil and Egyptian gas, which raises many question about the goal of dropping the “Iranian aid” issue, wondering if it is a signal to those concerned with the issue of lifting  sanctions, which was preceded by the controversy over the decree amending the maritime borders and the suspension of negotiations between Lebanon and the Israeli entity?

As for the investigations into the Beirut port explosion file, and the truth that Mikati aspires to, it will inevitably clash with “legitimate suspicion,” which has become a top priority for all those accused by the judicial investigator, Tariq Bitar.

In returning to the most important item that Mikati relies on, in terms of relations with the Arab and Gulf countries. Will the visiting doors be opened for him, and in case it happened despite the messages that arrived through Arab media and personalities close to the decision-making centers in these countries, it is not possible to waste the money of the countries that embraced Lebanon since Its upbringing, on those who try by various means, whether in terms of humiliating and “ungrateful” attitudes, to try to destabilize its security through Hezbollah’s help to the Houthis, who do not stop sending drones that target the most prominent installations in Saudi Arabia.

Regarding the “people, army, and resistance” equation, everyone knows that it cannot be touched, and had it not been for the “green light” from Haret Hreik, to drop it from the statement for once, the statement would not have been born with such record speed.

In the end the source believes, that all attempts to save what remains of the country’s economic components will not be achieved, and the items that formed the pillars of the ministerial statement are considered as “long-term contracts, ” until then, it could be too late to the Lebanese, then President Mikati will extend his hand, but it will remain extended pending the achievement of a miracle that is not available now, amidst the French-American and British international clash.